Things to Prioritize when Moving In to a New Rental Home


Getting the keys to a new home, condominium, or apartment is a rite of passage. It’s practically the first step towards full-fledged independence. Once you’ve finally found the right rental home for you, it’s important to note that there are several essential steps that must be undergone at the onset of your move in to ensure safety and comfort.

It isn’t necessary to be totally unpacked and organized within the first 24 hours of moving in, but by creating a checklist and setting priorities, the process of this milestone in life will be made easier.

Here are some essential steps that must be done at the onset of moving into a new rental home.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the place

Maybe you’ve made several visits to your new home already, but it’s much different once you’re in the process of moving in. You finally have the time to inspect every nook and cranny of the place now that the previous renter’s things are gone. This gives you a chance to foresee how you’ll be fixing the place up once you’ve completely unpacked.

Familiarizing yourself with the place also means learning (and eventually mastering) the circuit breaker and the main water valve, two of the most essential parts of a home that you need to know about. It’s best to learn before anything urgent happens, and this knowledge could prove beneficial in the long run.

  1. Unpack the necessities

When moved in, unpack the necessities first. The first thing that should be set up once moved in is the sleeping quarters. If it’s a studio condominium, allot the space you desire for your bed. If it’s a bedroom, know where you want to place the bed. Do you want the bed near the door, across the window, or at a corner?

Many first-timers eventually realize that it’s difficult to unpack and organize everything in a day, and it’s incredibly exhausting. Thus, having a bed with clean and fresh sheets after a long day of work are a must. Other necessities that must be prioritized during unpacking are kitchenware and several bathroom accessories.

Whether you have friends or family helping you unpack or not, it’s important to have these items to maintain a restful first night after a long day.

  1. Secure the home

Securing the home should never be overlooked. As a new lessor, you don’t know who else has a key to the existing lock on your door. To be safe, change all the locks completely. You can also take additional steps to ensuring your safety, such as adding a chain lock or a deadbolt.

  1. Clean the place thoroughly

Perhaps the most tedious part of moving in – so tedious it doesn’t usually take less than two days – cleaning the home must be done meticulously and thoroughly. The first rooms that must be cleaned are the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom as they’re the ones you’ll probably be organizing first as well. Once finished, move on to the living room.

Cleaning the home doesn’t just mean removing any icky stains on the walls or counters. It also means removing things that the previous tenant may have left. Only by cleaning extensively can you find all the other minute details of the home that you may have overlooked.

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By knowing the right steps to begin with, you ensure a steady move in with all the essentials covered.