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12 Certified Signs That You Live in Pasig

Pasig continues to be one of the more industrial cities in Metro Manila. More and more people are buying homes here because of its ideal location for work and leisure.

Ask any true-blue Pasigueño and they’ll tell you there’s a lot of neat stuff to be discovered in Pasig. You’ll surely recognize one because they know everything there is to about this awesome city. From a myriad of great food to cool transportation alternatives….

Here are 12 signs that you’re a bona fide Pasigueño:

  1. You know where Bitukang Manok is

Bitukang Manok is not only a kind of street food, it’s also the creek that played a vital role during the revolution. It’s named after chicken entrails due to its shape. Its two sides is now developed as a promenade for those who wish to walk along the 3.6kms length that starts in front of McDonald’s and end at Asahi Glass in Pinagbuhatan.

Source: Turista Trails
  1. You hear Mass at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Also known as the Pasig Cathedral, hearing mass in one of the oldest edifices within Pasig gives you more of that solemn vibe.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
  1. You go car-free for a day

Every Sunday along F. Ortigas Jr. Road (Emerald Avenue) in Barangay San Antonio, Pasigueños are encouraged to bike, run, skate, exercise and bond with family and friends along the street. It’s a great activity that helps the environment and gets families more in touch with each other.

  1. You’re a certified mall-hopper

Admit it. Since there’s a bunch of malls in Pasig, especially near the business area, you’re more than likely to be seen hanging out with a bunch of your friends during break time or just to pass the time during rush hour.

  1. You love taking strolls

You always have your flats or sneakers in tow just because you love to explore new sights in the city.

  1. You know someone who works in a call center company

A lot of call center companies are located in Ortigas because of its booming business opportunities. With the lure of a good salary and a competitive career, you’d probably grab that favorable circumstance in a flash too.

Source: library.auraria.edu
  1. You’ve tried the famous Ado’s Pancit

Established in 1952, Ado’s Panciteria serves the ” Original Pancit with Chicharon. Pasigueños and neighboring visitors alike can’t seem to get enough of this legendary pancit.

Source: Turista Trails
  1. You’ve ridden a ‘Patok’ jeepney

Aptly called ‘Patok’ because of their vibrant design, you can hear and see these road monsters a mile away. If you want to experience a thrill of a ride on your way to work, hop in one.

Source: Flickr
  1. You have the option to travel by water

The Pasig River Ferry helps you get to your destination as an alternative mode of transportation to the traffic-clogged streets of Metro Manila.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
  1. You over indulge in taking selfies

According to Time Magazine’s ranking of the ‘Selfiest Cities in the World,’ Makati and Pasig City together create more selfies, or self-shot portraits shared on social media, than any other area on the planet per capital. Smile and take pride, Pasigueño!

  1. You value culture.

Pasigueños participate in different festivals which uphold Filipino culture such as the Bayanihan Festival, Pakalog Festival every December, Bambino Festival in honor of Sto. Niño every January, and Araw ng Pasig, to name a few.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
  1. You’re a big fan of the RAVE

The Rainforest Adventure Experience Park in Maybunga, Pasig City, or RAVE for short, is the perfect adventure getaway for both Pasigueños and tourists. The park has plenty of facilities and venues that cater to everyone’s needs. There’s a butterfly sanctuary, a mini zoo, a fitness center, zipline, obstacle course, swimming pools and more.

Source: www.summerfieldresidences.net

As you can see there’s little wonder why we see a steady increase in the number of people who choose to work and live Pasig. There’s not only natural and endemic beauty all around the city but fun aspects as well.

Did we miss any sign that indicates a true Pasigueño? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section.


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