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13 New Alternative Transportation Apps for Commuters in Metro Manila

If you have been staying in Manila for quite some time, you know that the traffic problem isn’t going away soon, which poses a permanent problem for most commuters. To avoid the long commute daily, more are opting to buy or rent properties in or near CBDs. Another solution came in the form of UBER.

Transportation mobile apps have been in demand ever since Uber launched their business here in our country. Aside from the convenience it brings, Filipinos are hungry for alternative solutions to get to where they should be without hassle. So imagine the outrage when the much-revered platform ceased operations. Lucky for us, some transportation companies have decided to step up and make use of the advanced technology.

Here are the most reliable and upcoming transportation apps and delivery services you can choose from:

1. Grab
The most convenient and reliable app for everyone. It’s a lifesaver for anyone who wants a ride home fast because they got the most number of drivers, available anytime, anywhere in the Metro, 24/7.

2. Micab
This could be one of the legit ride-hailing apps for local taxis. Taxis powered by Micab serves cities such as Metro Manila, Cebu, Baguio, and Iloilo. Soon, they will be also operating in Davao, Bacolod and Cagayan De Oro.

3. U-Hop
Another carpooling app that gives the best value for money and convenience for your daily grind. This app pools passengers with the same pick-up and drop off point to a designated vehicle. Selecting routes should only be 15km from your location.

4. Blacklane
This is the ideal ride for A-B trips that offers luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet Suburban, Cadillac Escalade and Toyota Alphard. This chauffeur service is exclusive for airport pick-ups that include 1 hour of free wait time, and all other pickups with free 15 minutes. Plus, you can book a fixed time in advance via their website or app. Although, trips are exclusive only from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and going to San Agustin Church, for an afternoon tour in Manila. The ride starts at USD70.05 (that’s around 3.6KPhp).

5. Owto
A 100% Filipino company developed a ride-sharing app that is more sensitive to the needs of its drivers and the commuters. They also provide reasonable value-for-money fares and also empowers driving partners with equitable take-home pays.

6. Hype
The new TNC player in PH which has been accredited recently by LTFRB. It will be launched on May 26. This app is beneficial for drivers who want to earn extra points. The company will split the profit from ad placements inside the cars to their respective drivers.

7. Go Lag
The app name actually originated from Go Laguna, a place where it is based. This app will be available not just only in Metro Manila but also in Rizal, Bulacan, and Cavite. Go Lag promises to cater the cost-conscious public by providing a base rate of 40 pesos, with additional charges of Php 4 per kilometer and Php 2 per minute.

8. HirNa
We thought HirNA came from “here na.” I suppose it’s easier to remember it that way. This app originated in Davao and will be operating in Metro Manila starting May. One good perk of having this app is that you can book a ride via phone call in case you can’t connect to the internet.

9. Transportify
This is a very helpful delivery and pickup service if you have a lot of stuff to bring to all sorts of events. This is one of our go-to same-day package transport and express parcel delivery. The app offers vehicles such as L300 and trucks.

10. Mober
For large deliveries, this app offers services like vans, mini trucks and large trucks. They are in demand with their lipat-bahay transport service, store deliveries, and logistics support. This app is very convenient to some of our clients moving into their new homes.

11. Lalamove
This app’s outstanding feature is their 24/7 operations. Lalamove delivers anytime to most areas in Metro Manila and its outskirts via motorcycle drivers. Their specialty is transporting documents and commercial goods. They can also transport huge furniture with their utility vans.

12. GoBounce
Finally an app for the forgetful folks! This is a go-to app if you want something delivered immediately like urgent document pick-ups and the like. Since Angkas.ph, GoBounce has been the alternative app for passengers living in the Metro. One of the perks is you can schedule your next bounce with this app.

13. Sakay.Ph
Manila is like a big maze with all its different routes and everchanging lanes. Sakay.ph help you commute confidently without the need for private vehicles. With a baseline data provided by the DOTC, LTFRB, MMDA and other agencies, It will give you the best directions of where to ride bus, jeepneys, and trains going to your route within the metro. If there are no available cars around the area and you can’t wait any longer, this app will convince you that public transport isn’t a bad option.

Which of these apps have you tried lately? Share it by commenting below.

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