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Three Places to Drop by During Your Venice Grand Canal Mall Dessert Hop

Everyone knows there’s always room for dessert.

Nothing excites more than a great dessert waiting at the end of the meal, be it a scoop of ice cream, a slice of cake, or a tall milkshake glass. Dessert is a seriously thought out course, a delicious, sinful indulgence after a heavy lunch or dinner (or even breakfast!) that makes everyone’s tummies a whole lot happier. And it’s no wonder why finding an absolutely divine dessert is an equal priority as having a tasty meal.

In the Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill, everyone’s dessert needs are met with their array of choices. Here are 3 places to drop by for a satisfying dessert. You can even drop by all these three in one day and pick out your favorite one for a second serving, because who says you can’t have more dessert?

Gran Caffe Lavena

A Venezian-themed café, fitting with the taste-of-Italy experience that the Venice Grand Canal Mall desires to give everyone who goes there, Gran Caffe Lavena pulls out all the stops with its gorgeous interiors, authentic Italian fare, and cozy ambiance. Gran Caffe Lavana is located nearby the Venice Grand Canal, which elevates one’s dining experience with a beautiful view.

The restaurant is decorated with velvet chairs, chandeliers, marbled tiles, and even golden figurines, all reminiscent of Venice. Their lineup of desserts, which includes pastries and cakes, are absolutely impressive. Their St. Honore, a French classic, is a puff pastry topped with cream puffs and finished off with whipped cream and is one of their most famous desserts. Their Tres Leches isn’t overpoweringly sweet, which makes it enjoyable especially for fans of the sponge cake. Their chocolate cake, decadent and moist, has a touch of raspberry sauce, an exciting twist to the classic dessert.

End the meal in true Venetian fashion and have a cup of coffee!

Chiara’s Gelateria

Who doesn’t love a good scoop or two of ice cream? Whatever flavor it is, Chiara’s Gelateria has more than 20 flavors to choose from, guaranteed to satisfy the sweet tooth in you. They’re irresistibly delectable; one scoop is never enough! Thankfully, for just P120, you can already have three scoops in one cup. But that doesn’t stop there – by having your ice cream served in a cup, they allow up to five flavors!

Chiara’s Gelateria also serves panna cotta, banana splits, even toasted bread topped with gelato! They also serve slices of cake and profiteroles, which are 3 cream puffs filled with cream and topped with a hot chocolate sauce. A definite must-try, however, is their frappes, made from their Italian gelato, like an artisanal milkshake, bound to make everyone keep coming back for more.

Because of the relatively small interiors, the area gets crowded easily, especially with the crowd that gathers for their ice cream fix. To address this problem, Chiara’s has an al fresco area for customers to enjoy their desserts while enjoying a view of the rest of Venice Mall’s gorgeous interiors.

Seol Bang

Seol Bang doesn’t just serve typical bingsu. Their milk-based ice shavings make the favorite Korean dessert even more delightful and tasteful. It’s rich and creamy – but not any sweeter than normal. They aren’t selfish with their toppings either; when you reach the middle part of the brass bowl that keeps the finely shaved ice from melting, another generous layer of toppings can be found. Seol Bang’s menu ranges from favorite flavors amongst bingsu enthusiasts, such as mango, chocolate, and Injeolmi, to a few more experimental ones like corn.

Their service is efficient and welcome, and the place is filled with colorful art and decors on the wall. Paired with their heavenly bingsu, your trip to Seol Bang will surely be nothing short of memorable.

Whatever it may be, one’s dessert cravings will surely be satisfied by the lavish and equally delectable desserts available at The Venice Grand Canal Mall.

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