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Three Unforgettable Dining Destinations in Rockwell

Rockwell is known to be the home of Powerplant Mall, providing an upscale shopping experience in a comfortable and leisure setting. However, the neighborhood is also home to many specialty restaurants. These restaurants promise an experience unlike any other, shaped by mouthwatering food and breathtaking interiors. It’s not easy to forget these restaurants!

  1. Grace Park

Margarita Fores’ Grace Park is a farm-to-table restaurant, with dishes made only with the freshest ingredients. It’s why many choices form their menu change regularly, depending on the supply of ingredients from suppliers.

Upon entrance, the rustic industrial interiors partnered with wooden elements immediately catch visitors’ attention. It’s an intimate restaurant that feels like home, with a wooden staircase leading up to the second floor. Contemporary light pieces and chairs add a modern touch to the interiors.

Their Cauliflower Clam Chowder is a light and warm starter to the meal. It’s a beautiful marriage of flavors as the cauliflower doesn’t overpower the taste of the clam chowder. Another favorite starter is the Fried Squash Flowers, prosciutto-wrapped and filled with cheese. From their main courses, their Muscovado Beef Belly is a pleasant surprise. The meat is tender and melts in the mouth, and the dish itself isn’t too sweet. Instead, the muscovado acts as a subtle glaze over the beef.

  1. Rambla

Rambla, located along Joya Drive, is the place to be for sophisticated Spanish flavors. Named after a street in Barcelona, the restaurant produces authentic dishes that not only pay homage to the flavor profile of Catalan, Barcelona but also its culture.

Rambla has an open-kitchen setup, making the chefs visible as they work their magic. At the second floor, the restaurant has its own bar called La Coctelera, where cocktails can be enjoyed to cap off the night.

Their Ricotta Gnudis is a gnocchi-like dumpling with ricotta cheese inside, served with Parmesan cheese, hazelnuts, and bokchoy to emphasize its flavor. The Tagliatelle & Scallops is black ink pasta with al dente flat noodles topped with scallops. It’s a favorite among seafood lovers because of the rich taste of the seared scallops, distinct flavor of the squid ink, and perfect texture of the noodles.

For dessert, the restaurant boasts of their unique spin on Tiramisu which is spiced with three liquors: Kahlua, Amaretto, and Bailey’s. It’s a definite must-try!

  1. Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger is located at the ground floor of Powerplant Mall and is a haven for lovers of Asian cuisine, particularly those of countries in Southeast and East Asia. The relatively small restaurant is affixed with British-Indian interior design pieces making it look simple yet inviting enough for a long and comfortable stay even after a meal.

Their Roti Plata is a house specialty. The Indian bread is served with an authentic spicy curry dipping suace. Meanwhile, the Crispy Veggie Spring Rolls are a Singaporean-style roll filled with vegetables and deep fried. But it isn’t quite complete and authentic Asian without the chili dipping sauce that mixes well with the taste of the vegetables. Their Thai Pomelo Salad is served with generous amounts of shrimp, fresh pomelo, and sweet vinaigrette.

Their main course offerings include choices of beef, chicken, seafood, noodle, and vegetarian dishes. The star Wild Ginger menu is the Beef Rendang. Chunks of beef, cooked in a mixed spice sauce with coconut milk, are served with rice, but it can also be enjoyed with roti. The flavor of the stew is neither too strong nor too spicy, but the tenderness of the meat is what makes people keep coming back for more.

One visit to these restaurants, and it’s not easy to forget them!

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