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4 Benefits of Residing in Rockwell

Many describe Rockwell Makati as a city within a city.

Pristine streets, lush greens, and refined architecture surround this upscale neighborhood in Makati that doesn’t feel like the rest of the city – and it’s no wonder many adore it. It’s like being transported to a new place entirely, one of world-class neighborhood of residential towers, towering commercial buildings, and posh lifestyle hangouts.

Rockwell Center not only meets the needs of its residents and tenants but also pampers them with only the best. This premium placed on the welfare of its residents is what makes living in Rockwell desirable. And living there is easy. Easing the commute or the drive to Rockwell’s business district is a primary reason why many working professionals and executives choose to buy or rent a condominium.  There are numerous living options – all exceptionally elegant – within Rockwell, that present working professionals with accessibility to their work place.

But that’s not the only benefit to residing in Rockwell.

It’s ideal for those who desire to live in an unhurried environment

More than its breathtaking architecture and tree-lined streets, Rockwell has been able to cultivate and maintain an unhurried environment, being the main characteristic that sets it apart from other neighborhoods in Makati. The entire Rockwell Center is accessible just by walking, and it’s no mystery why families enjoy walking around late in the afternoons. There’s a calm atmosphere that prevails throughout the neighborhood – even during the holidays.

Moreover, there are many places to visit for relaxation and recreation. Along R. Palma St. is Pineapple Lab, a performance space and art gallery that’s a few minutes’ walk away. And though the night life is Rockwell isn’t as spirited as its neighbor Poblacion, there are pubs around the area to visit for a chill night out.

It’s comfortably luxurious

Luxury mall Power Plant Mall is most likely the first thing that comes to mind with the mention of Rockwell Makati. It’s impossible to miss, as it serves as the anchor of neighborhood.

Aside from being home to numerous upscale fashion brands and elegant restaurants promising world-class dining experiences, Power Plant Mall is also an event venue. Their events range from Easter Egg Hunts and Valentines concerts, as well as weekend markets at The Rockwell Tent for residents and visitors to have their fare of organic produce and other artisanal finds.

But despite all this, the comfort of Rockwell prevails. It’s welcoming and enjoyable, which is what people keep coming back to.

It’s safe, secure, and disciplined

Noticeable amongst first-time visitors of Rockwell is the discipline that is practiced by residents – in crossing the roads, in following traffic codes, and in behavior out in public. It’s that same discipline that has maintained the neighborhood’s clean and organized streets for years.

Traffic enforcers and security guards can be seen manning traffic and roving around throughout the day, but this is less about catching violators as it is about keeping the streets safe and secure for everyone.

It’s convenient traveling in and out of the neighborhood

Rockwell can be accessed through multiple major roads. Through Estrella from EDSA Rockwell is one kilometer away. It is also near Makati’s Central Business District. For those who work outside of Makati, Rockwell is also near Bonifacio Global City and Mandaluyong. The nearest train station, Guadalupe Station, can also be accessed through EDSA. Traveling in and out of Rockwell without a car shouldn’t be a problem either as taxi stands can be found around Power Plant Mall.

It may be secluded, but it’s the unyielding standard of luxurious living that has made Rockwell what it is. It may not be for everyone, but for those who seek for a home in a neighborhood within Makati that’s laid-back, Rockwell would be the ideal choice.

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