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7 Best Cities in Metro Manila for Real Estate Investing

The recent years have been positive for the Philippine real estate industry due to robust economic growth. This has caused homeseekers and investors to turn to real estate as a safe haven for their future and wealth. They are eager to sink in their hard cash into that dream property.

But the purchase of a property always comes with risks. Whether you are an investor looking to set up business or a young professional interested in purchasing your first home, location is always top priority. An ideal location would not only determine the many aspects of your everyday life but the future value of your investment as well.

Here are 7 cities in Metro Manila where it’s best to invest in a property:

  1. Makati

Makati is undeniably the preferred address of both investors and homeseekers. Investors are attracted to this bustling city because it houses a competitive environment wherein top local and multinational corporations, industry leaders, and start-ups alike can thrive and grow. Clients and employees alike won’t find it hard to get to work on time with the availability of various forms of public transportation that ensure accessibility and convenience. If you’re looking for a modern office space for rent in Makati, some of the best areas to set up office are in Salcedo Village, Legaspi Village and of course Ayala Avenue.


Makati also provides a refreshing urban living environment. All you need is either in front of your door step or just a stone’s throw away. From workplaces, malls, fitness centers, restaurants and cafes to schools, hospitals and parks with lush greenery, everything is made conveniently near homes to save you precious time, money for transportation and even evade you from the stress of traffic. Posh condominiums for sale in Makati are also a great investment since they have the highest property value and never depreciate, which means investing in a home here is worth every cent.

  1. Taguig

Once a thriving fishing community along the shores of Laguna de Bay, Taguig is now a successful and competitive financial district that’s buzzing with growth and development in every corner. With infrastructure developments popping left and right, low tax rates, efficient services and corruption-free policies, more and more investors are seeing the global potential this booming financial district has to offer. It’s clear that suitable commercial spaces in Taguig for rent will continue to be in demand with the steady stream of corporate headquarters and high-value business process outsourcing firms moving into Bonifacio Global City.


Taguig meets your simple-to-elegant wants when it comes to homes. Here exists a clever set up wherein you can easily juggle career and personal life. Living in this progressive city presents a lot of advantages. From a plethora of food places and shopping malls to large swathes of greenery, top schools and an endless opportunity for growth, it’s certainly a great place to start raising a family. It is highly encouraged to look for condominiums for rent in Taguig now to experience why life is better lived in the ‘home of passionate minds’.

  1. Mandaluyong

Being recognized as the “Tiger City of the Philippines” is enough indication for investors that the city of Mandaluyong means serious business when it comes to progress. Anywhere you look, you’ll see towering skyscrapers, broadening infrastructure and dynamic professionals – all signs of a booming city. And with the backing of major local and international companies, Mandaluyong is now one of the leading business and industrial centers in the country. An easily convertible office space for rent in Mandaluyong is a fitting investment for a start up business that has aspirations of making it big.

Mandaluyong is never lacking of excellent villages and subdivisions to live in. This exemplary city gives emphasis on the safety of its residents by having policemen patrol the streets, traffic enforcers oversee the flow of traffic and implementing policies to curb crimes. Who wouldn’t want to live in a safe environment? Mandaluyong has another thing going now – Greenfield District. Teeming with shopping boutiques and a range of restaurants and bars, it’s a haven for office workers who would like to unwind after a hard day’s work. Because of its awesome living and working conditions, homey condominiums for rent in Mandaluyong are sprouting like mushrooms.

  1. Quezon City

The largest city in Metro Manila has a lot in store for its future investors and would-be-residents. For investors, Quezon City is great place to set up a shop or business because it’s a location with good economic potential but one that isn’t too congested yet. This dynamic city provides market accessibility, ease of doing business, and labor supply, making it a real good business location. If you’re looking for an amiable office space for rent in Quezon City, Eastwood, Commonwealth and Quezon Avenue are popular venues to start a promising business venture.

quezon city

The “city of stars” is home to various residential districts, high-end gated communities, and home subdivisions. The living environment here is very viable. Located in Quezon City are model commercial areas featuring a number of shopping malls such as Eastwood City inLibis, and Gateway Mall, Ali Mall, and Farmers Plaza in Cubao, landmarks and attractions such as QC Memorial Circle, La Mesa Ecopark and the People Power Monument. Furthermore, the city is a well-known tourist and entertainment destination. Just take a look at the Tomas Morato strip which has several restaurants and entertainment hubs where the working class can dine and unwind after their shift. These reasons are sufficient for trendy yet affordable houses for rent in Quezon City to be very much in-demand.

  1. Pasig

One of the highly urbanized cities in Metro Manila, Pasig continues to be a booming city with the roaring developments in its business district – the OrtigasCenter. It is a place of bustling industry and commerce, and for many years has been a destination of tactful investors. From major local and international corporations in towering skyscrapers to small-time businesses lining up on its major roads, this successful city can hold its head high to other leading cities. It’s no wonder numerous offices for rent in Pasig are springing up in every corner possible.


As for Pasig’s residential setting, it’s the perfect mix of leisure and commerce. You’ll only be a few steps away from work as more and more favourable condominiums for rent in Pasig are established near workplaces. At the end of a long day, you can take your pick of where to unwind. You can dine in any of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants, hang out with friends in Metrowalk or Tiendesitas or better yet splurge in SM Megamall, Shangri-La Mall or The Podium. It’s obvious that Pasig offers the best spots in the metro that provide unmatched leisure.

  1. Pasay

Pasay is believed by investors to be catapulted as one of the country’s most modern business, residential, and recreational districts in the coming years. Proof of this is Ayala Land’s (ALI) project of reclaiming a 300-hectare lot to help develop Pasay as the newest flourishing business district. It will help create more business opportunities for key players which will result to more small and large commercial spaces for rent in Pasay to turn up. Investors who are looking to make a significant presence can expect great gains in this ambitious city.

Pasay is the most reasonable city in the metro to live in. Aside from being widely known for its various retail, cultural hubs, it is also home to numerous entertainment destinations. This is basically why condominiums for sale in Pasay have become a common sight. It’s easy to fit into the neighborhoods of Pasay for it mirrors the lifestyle and needs of yuppies, small families and even students.

  1. Muntinlupa

Muntinlupa, known as the ‘Emerald City of the Philippines’, envisions itself to be a premier industrial hub of the Philippines. With tremendous growth mainly due to a development boom, it makes sense for investors to plunge in this determined city. It houses two large-scale commercial real estate projects, the Filinvest Corporate City and Ayala Land’s Madrigal Business Park, whichboth changed the landscape of Muntinlupa. Commuting between Cavite, Laguna, and Metro Manila will be easier and faster with the Cavite–Laguna Expressway (CALAX) and the Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike underway. Diverse commercial spaces for rent in Muntinlupa are up for grabs to the business-minded who are looking to get the most out of their money.

Muntinlupa didn’t receive the status “Most Competitive and Improved City” for nothing. This justifies that the city is a highly urbanized, highly industrialized city that is also among the most eco-friendly places in the Philippines. It is home to the country’s most peaceful, exclusive communities and community-centers and shopping centers. Elegant condominiums for rent in Muntinlupa can be seen left and right, which is a sure sign that this hardworking city has no other way to go but up.

Investing in the right location is likely to deliver a greater return in the future. Whether you are an investor or homeseeker, it’s important not to make the mistake of basing your decision on emotion, but instead base it on your finances and logic. This way you will be certain that your hard earned money won’t go down the drain.

If you are planning to invest in real estate soon, contact us and we’ll help you find the best location.

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