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7 Things that Make Voting Similar to Buying a Home

In less than a week, Filipino citizens will be exercising their basic right and privilege to vote for the candidates they believe will best serve to lead them to greener pastures. Many have stepped up to the plate to show (or even show off) their wares to convince people they are the right pick but a decision this big can and should never be rushed lest face regret.

Buying a home also poses the same difficult and strenuous situation. A lot of factors have to be considered first before ending up with a decision that may either make or break one’s future.

Here are 7 things that make voting similar to buying a home:

  1. Doing Ample Research

Get to know the background of the candidate such as family ties, accomplishments, platforms and leadership skills. As for buying a home, learn if the home is newly-built or renovated. Inspect every nook and cranny to prepare if repairs are needed, and also don’t forget to check the neighborhood. Keep in mind that by putting in the effort and time in research, you will reap great rewards.


  1. Valuing Integrity

If your candidate makes the grade but has issues with doing the right thing at all times in all circumstances, better think twice before casting your vote for that candidate. The same goes in buying a home. You should be able to feel confident that the home you’re getting is worth your money based on the real estate developer’s reputation and the word of the real estate agent. Success will come and go but integrity is forever engraved in a person.

Source: www.pdhotspot.com
  1. Keeping an Open Mind

Don’t let your mind be polluted with all the negative things you hear and see about a candidate. You’ll never get a perfect candidate, but this only means there’s room for improvement. As for buying a home, you may not also get everything you want in a home. There will always be kinks here and there such as an improperly placed pipe but with the right tools, it can be altered. By being open to possibilities and letting go of stubbornness, anything is possible.


  1. Using Your Head

It’s always best to be rational when deciding whom to vote for because if you let your emotions get the best of you, chances are you’ll end up making a bad decision. The same goes in buying a home. Don’t easily be swayed into purchasing a home just to prove a point to your family or friends. When the conditions aren’t working for you, you can still walk away and look at other options.


  1. Seeing the Potential

Don’t let a candidate’s looks deceive you. What’s important is that the candidate possesses the qualities of a leader. If the candidate has an impressive resume to back up his or her promises, think of what he or she can do during the term. In buying a home, what may seem insignificant now may be highly valuable in a few years time. Purchasing a home away from the city may look like a wrong move but the property’s market value could increase once new roads are added and it’s business community starts rolling.


  1. Seeking a Professional

Taking time to listen to the thoughts of a political analyst, be it on radio, television or online, can help give you a better analysis of a candidate. You’ll have in-depth knowledge of a candidate’s background, motivation and political goals. In buying a home, especially for first-time buyers, it’s essential you work with a real estate professional who knows the market. They can pinpoint any issues that could potentially end up as disasters later on.

TV-NBC-Meet the Press
Source: www.e-spaces.eu
  1. Having Fun

Both voting and buying a house are serious matters but that doesn’t mean there’s no fun in them. The election season ushers in a lot of gimmicks from candidates that are rather amusing. There are jingles, live debates and quite frankly, ‘miting de avances’ now are more like free mini entertainment shows with candidates dragging along a number of celebrities to perform before a raucous audience. As for purchasing a home, it is such an exciting and positive experience. You get to see an assortment of houses, meet new people and discover neighborhoods. It’s not everyday that you dive into a fun and pleasant experience like that.


The process of making a big decision is never easy. The simplest solution is to uncomplicate things. Because the more you ponder the decision, the more you’ll be confused and stuck which will lead you to a rushed decision. And a rushed decision, more often than not, is a wrong decision.

Cover photo courtesy of: www.gulfnews.com and www.totalmortgage.com

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