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8 Great Poolside Additions that Will Make a Backyard More Alluring

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine your favorite place to play as a child. Was it a tree that was perfect for climbing? A swimming pool with a slippery slide and a volleyball net? A waterfall with large boulders and thick, lush vines?

No matter how old you are, there’s something about childhood adventures that continue to fascinate and delight us as adults. As grown ups, we exchange tree climbing for rock climbing, backyard volleyball for watersports, and swinging vines for gym equipment. Even though the activity is different, the sense of challenge and adventure is the same.

Weaving the Wonder of Childhood into Your Backyard Design

So when you do buy a house of your own and are thinking about the decorative features that you’d like near your backyard pool, your childhood memories can provide the inspiration you need to keep guests coming back again and again.

  1. Balance Built Areas with Some Thoughtful Greenery

Lush greenery evokes memories of adventures trekking through the jungle and the excitement of looking down from the tree tops to the land below. Recreate the feeling of mystery and monkey-play by planting some palm trees and tropical plants around the pool—preferably ones that don’t mind frequent splashes of water or that don’t require irrigation if you live in an area with water shortages.

Climbing vines running along the pool fence and over trellised seating shelters are another way to inject a wild jungle feeling into your pool area while providing shade and improving air quality.

  1. Create Ambiance with Water Features

The soothing roar of water falling over rocks and into a pool below is not only relaxing but also provides a sense of adventure when you sit underneath it or seek refuge behind the watery curtain.

To enjoy the magic of a waterfall in your backyard, consider having a landscaper construct a mound out of natural rocks and run a cascade of water over the rocks with a solar-powered pump. For a minimalist aesthetic, a gentle curtain of water shooting out of a tiled pool wall could be a simpler alternative that adds just as much fascination and creates a focal point in your pool.

3. Bring Back the Beach Holidays with Colorful Changing Rooms

The colorful little beach houses that line touristic beaches around the world can easily be built at home for changing rooms that can make every day feel like a seaside vacation. To enjoy some of these eye-catching features by your pool, you could purchase a pre-made cubby kit and paint it in bright colors or hire a builder to build this feature to your exact specifications. A poolside restroom is also a thoughtful idea for backyard parties in which your guests will be mostly outdoors.

4. Get Playful with Some Fun Pool Toys

Large, colorful beach balls, bright animal-themed floating rings, and inflatable pool mattresses are just as much fun for adults as they are for kids. Provide a few of these family-friendly touches and you’ll soon have everyone in the pool laughing and playing.

For safety, it’s essential to construct safe pool fencing around the pool and follow appropriate water sanitation guidelines to prevent injuries and drownings and keep everyone who uses your pool healthy and happy.

5. Kindle Conversation with a Fire Pit

Remember warming yourself around a bonfire on a winter night and toasting marshmallows on a stick? Feel the glow of an outdoor fire again and share new magic moments by installing a built in or movable fire pit close to the backyard pool. Not only is a fire pit a place to dry off after going for a swim, but it could also be the starting place for a full outdoor kitchen. Follow these fire safety tips in your indoor and outdoor spaces to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of a fire that gets out of hand.

6. Expand the Menu with an Outdoor Kitchen

Delicious food makes any experience more exciting, and for those of us who enjoy the coffee-shop atmosphere and a hearty brunch, a poolside breakfast makes for a fun weekend activity to share with friends and family.

An outdoor kitchen with a simple grill or stove-top, a food-preparation bench, a refrigerator, and a sink for washing up is all you need to enjoy an à-la-carte menu at home and provides a clear view of the pool so that you can supervise the kids while you eat.

7. Create Summer-Night Magic with Accent Lighting

The twinkling stars in the night sky ignite our imagination and inspire a sense of wonder. Recreate the magic of stars around your pool with strings of fairy lights, LED task lighting, and colorful area lights to set the mood. With carefully chosen lighting and a crackling fire pit, your pool will be the go-to destination for parties all summer long!

8. Invite Relaxation with Shaded Seating and Daybeds

Even the most adventurous of adults enjoys a moment to relax and wind down. Create a day-spa-like atmosphere for the grown ups by the pool with luxurious daybeds and colorful pillows, waterproof reclinable seating, and woven hammocks positioned casually under the shade of some trees. After an afternoon of fun swimming, playing, and cooking on the grill, you’ll be happy to lay back and enjoy a good rest with the picturesque view of the pool and surrounding garden area.

Create Your Own Poolside Dream

What about you? Perhaps you have a different childhood memory that you would like to recreate in your backyard design. Or perhaps you’ve discovered a new idea that you’d like to weave into the poolside area. Whichever luxurious features you decide on for your backyard pool, make sure to contract a trustworthy professional to oversee the construction to ensure that your pool is as safe as it is fun!

Author Bio: Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional. She contributes to a number of websites and blogs, like All Safe Pool, and enjoys writing about events, travel, decorating trends, innovations for the home, realty and investing.

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