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9 Places to Spend #WalangPasok Days in the Metro

Who does not love rest days, right? No annoying alarms and no thoughts of hassle commuting. You open your eyes and just stare at the ceiling thinking about how or where you could spend the day. You can stay at home and cuddle with your pillow, watch the latest episode of your favorite superhero series, or finally finish the book you left on your desk a month ago. However, if you are the kind of person who loves maximizing rest days by going out, we have good news for you. Metro Manila has the best hangout spots for you.

Here are 9 places where you could spend your #walangpasok days:

  1. StrEAT: Maginhawa Food Park
Source: reinventmag.com

Who does not love food, right? The food park opens at 5 PM. If you love hanging out until late in the am under the night sky, go to StrEAT and treat yourself with a variety of cuisines. From soft tacos to burritos, blueberry cheesecake to mango cream pie, and brewed coffee to cotton candy milkshakes, order from the artsy food trucks that offer practical food. The food hub is now one of the favorite hangout spots of many barkadas. If you are planning to visit the park, be there early because the seats are limited.

  1. The Mind Museum
Source: philstar.com

Do you have a heart for science? The Mind Museum is filled with interactive exhibits to keep your interests up all the time. Wear night vision goggles, have a hair-raising experience (literally!) when you touch the static ball, take a picture with the huge whale shark, be an archeologist in the fossil dig section, and learn about the phases of the moon up-close and personal. Engage in hundreds of hands-on activities that are good for the brain.

  1. Ayala Museum
Source: interaksyon.com

Acknowledged as one of the major tourist attractions in Metro Manila, Ayala Museum opened its doors in 1967. Its 4 floors superbly showcase exhibits on Filipino history, culture, and art. Be captivated by the collection of pre-Hispanic archeological gold and dioramas that trace the history of the Philippines.

  1. The National Museum of the Philippines
Source: boardinggate101.com

Located in the heart of historic Manila is the National Museum of the Philippines. It has been around for more than a century enduring destruction, reconstruction, and renovation. See Juan Luna’s masterpiece, the Spoliarium, up-close and be stunned by its size. The Museum is home to paintings, sculptures, sketches, and memorabilia of many Filipino artists. These art pieces are from the 18th up to the 21st century.

  1. Mystery Manila
Source: ourawesomeplanet.com

Dare to solve a mystery for an hour? Mystery Manila is where your imagination and problem-solving skills are put to the test. Embrace your inner Sherlock and find your way out of the room by coming up with creative solutions to solve mysteries.

  1. Manila Ocean Park
Source: mitchellkphotos.com

Spend the day inside the country’s first marine-themed park. Swim with sharks and rays, have the fishes nibble dead skin cells from your feet, feed the penguins, watch the dancing sea fairies gracefully glide in the jellies exhibit, and be mesmerized by the huge Oceanarium that houses 14,000 marine creatures. Manila Ocean Park is truly educational and entertaining.

  1. Cool Beans Library Café
Source: alapaap88.wordpress.com

A book plus a cup of coffee, what else would you look for? Cool Beans Library Café is the very first café to offer over a thousand books for reading in Metro Manila. From comics to novels and coffee table books to academic books, the collection is wide-ranging. You can also order meals and blended drinks to further maximize your stay in the library café located at Maginhawa St., UP Village.

  1. Rave
Source: adbolado.com

Located in Maybunga, Pasig City, Rave is the Rainforest Park in the metro all of us are looking for. You can try the longest zip line in Metro Manila, have fun in the labyrinth-like garden, relax while slowly pedaling a boat, play chess using life-sized pieces made of concrete materials, and commune with nature in the botanical garden. Everyone who lives in Pasig loves this park – cross my heart.

  1. Ace Water Spa
Source: mangotours.com

There is more to Ace Water Spa than just hydrotherapy massage pools. It is an indoor water park and facility where you can wash away stress. Swim in the 25m-long lapping pool, float around in the lazy river, lie down on the designed bubble bed, and relax in the steam and sauna. Moreover, if you get hungry, they have their own coffee shop.

Due to our busy schedules and the workloads we get every week, it is just appropriate that we maximize our rest days. Go to one of these places to unwind and rejuvenate.

Where in the metro do you usually spend your #walangpasok days? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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