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Ayala Alabang Village is a Private Refuge for Families

Ayala Alabang Village (AAV) is a well-known, premier residential village in Muntinlupa.  Developed in the 1970s, it is a sought after residential address featuring luxury homes and superior facilities. It is one of the most private and expensive villages to live in Manila Manila. Originally a part of Barangay Alabang, AAV was constituted into an independent barangay in 2013.

Many homes in AAV feature contemporary designs in its exterior and interior, wide floor areas, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, wide gardens, and swimming pools. The lavish homes in this village are the addresses of some local celebrities and prominent businessmen and women. The 700-hectare suburb boasts of several first-rate amenities like its own mini-mall within the village, which includes a Rustan’s Supermarket and several restaurants. 

There is no lack of resources in Ayala Alabang Village, as they have their own transport network, fire trucks, and ambulances that service its residents. On top of ensuring the welfare of the community, it’s the privacy that the village prioritizes giving its residences that sets them apart from others in the city.

There are four gates – Madrigal, Acacia Gate, Mindanao, and Champaca – through which residents and their visitors can enter the heavily-guarded village. Each gate leads to a different side of the rich urban district of Alabang. Despite the strict entrance to the village, life within is far from being rigid. In fact, residents of AAV are known to be an easygoing and peaceful suburban community.

Family-friendly and activities for the community abound in the village. Many young parents and their children spend the afternoons walking or biking around the wide, tree-lined streets of the village in hopes that by chance, they would come across one of the many recognized bird species reported to be within AAV. On weekends, many families opt to hold get-togethers in homes, inviting neighbors and friends to drop by for relaxed lunches instead of having to push their way through the crowd at the malls. House parties are a common affair inside AAV for groups who prefer to have a laid-back evening with friends.

Cuenca Community Park is a vast space inside the village for residents to catch-up, play in an open field, or simply sit back to enjoy the fresh air and take in the breathtaking view of the sunset. Other destinations to see inside the glamorous residential neighborhood include St. James the Great Parish, a favorite venue in the south for weddings because of its beautiful architecture, lovely courtyard, and intimate atmosphere. A more exclusive park, Alabang Country Club along Acacia Street, features an 18-hole golf course, polo, and a riding school. Extensively urging an active lifestyle among its residents, it also has a swimming pool and several covered courts for basketball, badminton, and tennis.

Interestingly, despite being a few minutes’ drive away from the city’s thriving business district and enchanting lifestyle destinations like Alabang Town Center, Molito, or Westgate, many residents see it as a refreshing change of scene to remain in the confines of the neighborhood. Residents who work in the busy streets of Metro Manila during the week are assured of a weekend respite in AAV.

Assured that privacy is maintained, residents of Ayala Alabang Village can experience rest and recreation and enjoy their time worry-free, capturing the true meaning of being home.

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