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Broker of the Month: Aurea Rolda

No matter how much experience you have, there will always be room for growth. This comes from the resolve to become a true student of your passion. This is what Hoppler’s Broker of the Month, Aurea Rolda, can say about her career as she reflects on her experiences as a broker. In this interview, she shares how she found herself pursuing real estate, how she constantly learns from every experience, and how she believes others can succeed in the industry.

How did you start in real estate?

I was an administrator in my previous job and one of my responsibilities was to find housing for the staff. I dealt with brokers at the time, and I saw how valuable their role was in the process. I also appreciated the fact that their work was very productive while enjoying a flexible schedule. This piqued my interest in real estate. Bent on getting my license, I took the real estate board review on weekends while working full-time in a different industry on weekdays.

My first client was a friend who lives abroad. She sought my help to sell her property while I was still working. I had to decline at the time because of the demands of my job. Years later, I asked her if her property was still available and lo and behold, it was. She even joked that perhaps it was just waiting for me to sell it, and I did sell it. This experience affirmed my decision to focus on real estate and make a career out of it.

How has being in this industry sharpened your skills?

Being in real estate really forces you out of your comfort zone. It is important to be open to reaching out to fellow real estate practitioners, to be willing to collaborate and never stop learning.

Brokers have the responsibility to deliver the requirements of their clients, so being flexible is important. It could get difficult and challenging, but I’ve learned to take every opportunity as a learning experience.

How did you first encounter Hoppler?

I had a client looking for a property in specific villages in Makati, which I did not have on my listings at the time. I searched online and found Hoppler. I encountered them again in one of the realty board meetings. I was seated beside someone from their team, and I was reintroduced to the Partner Broker Program. I decided to become one after that conversation.

Can you name qualities you think every real estate broker should possess?

“Understanding people is so important. It reflects on the effort you’re willing to put into giving your clients what they need.”

You have to put yourself in the position of your client always. Listen to them, and remember that their money is hard-earned.

It is also equally important to say “no”, as it speaks a lot of your standards as a person, of what you are willing and not willing to do. There is a balance necessary in dealing with clients.

Most of the time, clients looking for a property already have something set in their minds, but this should not stop you from being transparent and truthful about the potential investment or purchase, even if you know that the repercussions of your actions are unfavorable, offer alternatives, be ready with options. These go a long way in helping you deliver.

What goals do you still have for your career?

I’m definitely working towards my dream of having my own real estate company.

One thing you want to impart to younger brokers.

You can’t be choosy – at least not yet. As a broker that’s starting out, you’re getting listings, you’re building your connections. Accept what comes your way in a professional manner and take each encounter as an opportunity to learn. Through this, you will eventually find your way around with ease and confidence.

For Aurea, the best starting point is committing to constantly learning no matter the situation. From there, real estate brokers can practice hard work coupled with integrity and experience success in all their endeavors.

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