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Broker of the Month: Raymond Alarcon

There’s a degree of persistence and determination required of every real estate professional in his or her pursuit of success. This is what Hoppler’s Broker of the Month, Raymond Alarcon, says as he reflects on his career as a real estate broker. In this interview, he shares how he stays motivated in this industry and how he’s embraced his role of helping people from all walks of life find their home.

How did you start in real estate?
I started my career in 2012 as a property specialist in SMDC. I was a fresh graduate at that time. I became a licensed broker in 2014, and I became a licensed appraiser in 2015. I was a sales manager for Ortigas & Company from 2017 to 2018, but now I’m a full-time, freelance broker handling a team of real estate professionals. We offer realty services such as investment advisory, rental, property management, appraisal, and bank loan assistance.

What inspires you in this line of work?
What really drew me to this industry was the idea of helping people find their own home, something that they can call theirs. Part of that process is also being able to help people know more about financial literacy and the right way to invest their money.

Real estate is also a really great way to make new connections. Some of my past clients have become my friends. I can say that by being in this type of work, I’ve not only gained new experiences, but I’ve expanded my network as well.

What is a quality you’ve learned and sharpened as a real estate broker?
I get clients from different backgrounds. I’ve had international clients, OFWs, referrals from friends – all of whom have different personalities. Being in real estate has taught me how to properly deal with each person, making sure I meet their needs and communicate professionally all throughout.

In this type of work, you don’t always see your clients. Most of time, you’re just communicating on social media platforms.

It’s important to make sure that your clients see your passion, your desire to help them, and your integrity – because these things build trust.

Can you name qualities you think every real estate broker should possess?

Believe in yourself. Experiences can be good or bad, but each one can help you grow so you just have to keep pushing.

How did you first encounter Hoppler?

I came across Hoppler online years ago and saw that there were many listings uploaded on the website. I attended a couple of events in late 2018 and early 2019 and that’s where I was able to know more about their services. I saw that through Hoppler’s platform, I could market my listings to a wider audience, so I decided to become a Partner Broker.

What goals do you have for your career?

I want to extend my services in the near future in areas outside Metro Manila so that I can extend my help to our fellow Filipinos who are dreaming of having their own home.

One thing you want to impart to younger brokers.

You must always keep growing and learning. Don’t give up, because your hard work will pay off if you remain persistent and diligent.

There’s no instant success in real estate. There will always be difficulties and hurdles along the way. That’s why it’s important to be guided by goals or dreams, because they keep you motivated, and it will serve as a powerful tool to accomplish great milestones in your career.

With clearly defined goals, it’s easier to stay motivated and determined to keep going until success is achieved.

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