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Community Parks in Pasig for Relaxing

In 2013, Pasig City earned international recognition as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Its Green City Program was launched in 2007, and to this day, Pasig is popular for a number of its green initiatives spearheaded by its government. Pasig is known to be both bike-friendly and walkable; during the weekends, main roads like Doña Julia Vargas Avenue and F. Ortigas Jr. Road are closed to allow safe biking, morning jogs, and leisure strolls. Those who live in Pasig are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle; thus, they can also opt to visit the parks around the city. It’s a different scene compared to its malls, but they are spaces for relaxation and enjoyment with many activities available.

Ortigas Park

Hidden in the middle of Ortigas’ busy streets is Ortigas Park, a little garden frequented by office workers in the area. It’s small park, but well-maintained and clean, which allows people to take a midday breather and calmly relax. The pocket park has several benches where people can sit and watch the waterfall. During the weekends, it’s a relatively quiet area, and many residents take advantage of it to take photos of the city or stroll with their pets. It’s a refreshing change of scenery amid the tall buildings around Ortigas Center, even if many simply pass through the park as they go from one street to another.

Capitol Commons Park

A vast patch of land just outside Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons, this park is a well-maintained space for residents to jog, hangout, play with their pets, and even hold outdoor events. There’s also row of several restaurants nearby the park that offer al fresco dining.

Pasig City Rainforest Adventure Experience

Offering more than just a typical park, Pasig City Rainforest Adventure Experience, known simply as the Pasig Rainforest Park or Pasig Central Park, has an Olympic-sized pool, jogging oval, tennis court, and fitness center. It’s also the home of the City Zoo. Created in 1977, the park was relaunched in 2013 as RAVE with the completion of a boating lagoon, zip line, and skating rink. The park is operated by its City Environment and Natural Resources Office and local government. There is something for everyone at the 20-hectare park, and because it’s open everyday, visitors and residents can enjoy its amenities as they desire. 

These parks in Pasig offer the community a variation in their day-to-day activities, allowing them to experience nature’s offerings.

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