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DULO: A Multi-Platform Hangout in Poblacion for the Creatives

Barangay Poblacion is a breath of fresh air in the professional and consistently progressive Makati City. It is home to artisanal cafés where students and young freelancers study and work, Instagram-worthy restaurants that serve gastronomic delights, and after-work hangout bars where officemates and friends can exchange stories as they drink their choice cocktails.


Located in the humble P. Guanzon St., DULO stands out as a go-to spot where faces from different places and lifestyles congregate to dine, de-stress, and discover a convivial community. Surely, the bright neon lights are eye-catching when you walk past the restobar-café and event space, but DULO offers more than just ingeniously designed interiors and top-quality food. Its heart and soul – though intangible – are apparent through its service and the way it values its guests and staff.

In 2012, co-owners Alexa Arabejo and Rae Lim Pineda met during the junior jock program of the radio station Magic 89.9. Both pursued different paths after they graduated and in December 2016, Rae visited Alexa in her apartment and they talked about creating a residential area where artists can live and have their own galleries as they saw the lack of spaces for the creatives in Manila. The idea evolved into the multi-platform that is DULO today – a space where artists can come, chill, and collaborate.

DULO is more than just a restobar-café and an event space. It is a place where everyone is welcome. It is a community that artists under all genres of art can call a home. “Whether you are starting out as an artist or you are already established and well-known, you come to DULO and all the labels go out the door. We celebrate and accommodate anyone and everyone,” said Alexa, who explained that DULO sets itself to be a non-exclusive community.

“What inspired DULO was a gallery café in Malate, Manila in the late 70’s called Penguin Bar and Café. It was a watering hole for artists from all walks of life during the tail end of Martial Law. People who do not really have a lot of money to do exhibits in bigger galleries went there. Another inspiration was Sev’s Café, which was also located in Malate. If Penguin was the DULO of our titos and titas, then, our generation was Sev’s. Unfortunately, it had to close down,” Alexa mentioned when asked about the inspiration for DULO. “We wanted to put up a space that would address both markets in terms of their demographics and interests.”

Artistic people, students, the working class of Makati, and entrepreneurs flock to DULO to have a great time. “Guests of DULO are varied and it is a great sight to see. We wanted an all-encompassing place that caters to everyone. We are a creative community platform that is unfiltered and uncensored. That means anyone and everyone can come,” Alexa emphasized.

“For people who live a corporate life, DULO serves as a place where they de-stress. For entrepreneurs or start-up owners in the creative side, DULO is the perfect place where they can meet clients and be inspired during work hours. There are students who are into arts who visit to observe, draw people, and get inspiration. For the older crowd, DULO is a place to keep them up to speed with what is happening. As a whole, DULO is a safe haven where you do not have to pretend or be someone else. If you want to relax, you just go to DULO,” Alexa mentioned when asked how DULO complement its guests’ diverse lifestyles.

The laid-back and uplifting vibe and the comfort food DULO offers are just some of the things that make DULO remarkable. Its diverse staff is composed of industry experts and skillful neophytes alike. “The thing I love most about DULO is our staff. When we set out to hire people – if you look at our Facebook page – the copy said something like, ‘If you are an outcast, the odd one out or if you have been bullied all your life and you are looking for a place to go to, apply to DULO.’ Now, we have unique staff members. Some have social anxiety and real-life struggles – and we welcome them. Every staff tries to push themselves and to get out of their comfort zone and we want to be a platform for them.”

Food makes life better – and that is even an understatement. DULO offers a variety of Filipino-Taiwanese food that will leave anyone’s taste buds pleased.

Matcha Coffee


The froth is thicker than your usual concoction. This freshly homegrown coffee is blended just right, giving you that calming alertness you crave.

Espresso Martini Liqueur


This smooth and sassy drink will give you a boost. Every sip delivers a buzz that enlivens. No wonder it is a sought-after treat after a long day.

Prawn Dumplings


These bite-sized delights create a flavorful explosion in the mouth. Every nibble gives a kick that increases appetite.

Crispy Chicken Bao


The savory taste of this pocket grab is a first in the city. The soft bao and chicken crunch will leave you wanting more in just a bite. It is best paired with an ice-cold beer, of course.

Pork Belly Rice Bowl


This treat is DULO’s take on our favorite Tapsilog. The tender pork belly plus the egg and Japanese rice can certainly leave a stomach satisfied.



DULO is a restobar-café and an event space where anyone and everyone can come as they are. It is where stomachs are satisfied, creativity is fostered, and self-discovery is a priority.


  • Address: 4992 P. Guanzon St., Barangay Poblacion, Makati
  • Operating Hours: 8AM – 2AM, Monday to Saturday
  • Lunch 11AM – 2PM
  • Dinner 6PM – 10PM
  • Cocktails start at 6PM
  • Facebook | Instagram

For Event Inquiries, please contact:

Rae Lim Pineda, Managing Partner | Events & Creatives


For Partnership & Promotions, please contact:

Alexa Arabejo, Managing Partner | Marketing Manager


General Info & Colabs:


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