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Explore Molito: A Thriving Lifestyle Haven in Alabang

Built in 2012, Molito has established itself as the go-to destination in Alabang for those who prefer hanging outdoors. Along Madrigal Avenue, across Alabang Town Center, is Molito, an outdoor lifestyle center with a wide array of restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs, and specialty stores.

What was once a large empty land is now one of the must-visit destinations of Alabang and it’s now hardly a reflection of the Spanish origin “Molito,” which actually means “little mall.” It began as a small business center until it was transformed into a peaceful and breezy setting for get-togethers.

Molito features a strip of cross-cultural restaurants that are so enticing, it’s become a goal of many visitors to try each one. There is also a third-wave coffee shop, an ice cream store, and a deli within this huge area that draws in visitors of all ages on a daily basis. An art gallery, Galerie Roberto, is one of the few contemporary art galleries in Alabang, showcasing the works of well-known artists as well as emerging ones.

An elegant fountain that lights up at night is the centerpiece of Molito.  But the mere fact that it’s outdoors, with tables and umbrellas for everyone to enjoy, helps the casual vibe permeate throughout. The visitors are encouraged to take things slow, enjoy the landscape, and relax.

Molito is a favorite family destination, as it offers activities for kids, teens, and adults. Especially for those who want to avoid the large crowd at the mall, Molito is a more suitable alternative. On some nights, acoustic bands or buskers serenade the crowd at Molito, while seasonal events featuring exhibitions, food festivals, and concerts engage the community. Art workshops and summer talent camps are also held for children and pre-teens.

With its recent renovation and expansion to make way for even more establishments now complete, frequent visitors can look forward to trying out new restaurants and visiting new shops.

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