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Explore Westgate: Filinvest City’s Unparalleled Lifestyle Destination

Westgate Center is a 9.2 hectare open-air lifestyle center in Muntinlupa, a favorite destination among families and friends in Filinvest City.

Anyone who steps into Westgate Center would be greeted by a rich cosmopolitan set-up, with shops and restaurants all lined up, like a strip of outlet stores commonly found in Western malls. It’s a great destination to explore by walking to witness its broad and diverse its offerings. Unique concept stores, worthwhile leisure and wellness options, and even extensive sports shops can be found in Westgate Center, and it’s unsurprising that many find themselves staying for hours on end.

Innovative dining experiences from its extensive restaurant offerings are the main highlight of Westgate Center. One particularly famous restaurant, Neil’s Kitchen, doesn’t just offer authentic Filipino comfort food, but the place itself – from its Mediterranean inspired exterior and artistic interior – keeps guests coming back. There’s even a bookstore inside the space, where guests can read, relax, and be inspired. Other favorites at Westgate Center include Sushi Ninja, offering a modern take on a Japanese favorite; Zong’s, one of the most widely recognized restaurants in the country over the last few years, offering authentic Chinese cuisine; and TUS Clay Pots and Skillets, which means “yours” in Spanish, a modern European restaurant known for its ribs and steaks.

Fun Ranch, an indoor playground with recreational activities for children, can also be found in Westgate Center. A day pass entitles kids and kids-at-heart to enjoy the vast complex of obstacle courses, trampolines, and slides that are all child-friendly. Fun Ranch also has a restaurant inside, which can be booked for parties.

For events that require a more sophisticated touch, Canvas in Westgate Center is not only affordable, but incredibly comfortable. With a variety of function rooms to choose from and set-ups that can accommodate up to 100 guests, Canvas provides its clients with the freedom to execute their dream event.

What makes being in Westgate Center even more enjoyable is how it is a reflection of Filinvest City’s green initiative. The mall is surrounded by trees and plants, creating a haven that exudes an unmistakable comfort and serenity. Despite it being near the main road, it’s barely noticeable from inside Westgate Center.

Surprisingly, Westgate Center hardly ever feels tight and compressed, as the vast space helps it feel comfortable, even on late nights when families are out and friends are catching up. The fact that many of the restaurants are scattered around the area also keeps the crowd in control.

It’s undeniable that Westgate Center is inviting, not just because of the stores and the restaurants, but because it promises visitors with a calm and comfortable destination for recreation.

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