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Five Parks in Taguig City That Promote Well-Being

Parks are beneficial elements of a city. They promote a healthier lifestyle and provide a place where people can exercise and leisurely spend time.

Taguig City is home to many urban developments that bring progress. One of the dangers of urbanization is that green areas become limited. Such a situation leaves people with a mindset to always postpone their exercise as going to the gym is not always as appealing as going to the park.

Taguig City, despite being progressive and a home of urban residential communities, it has parks that promote the well-being of its residents.

Track 30th
Located on the 30th Street in Bonifacio Global City, Track 30th is an outdoor space for fitness enthusiasts. Every curved pathway is an encouragement to jog or to take a walk. It is made particularly for joggers who are residents of Bonifacio Global City, but it is also for those who live nearby. The business district has prominent traffic lights and many cars pass by its streets; nevertheless, due to Track 30th being an exclusive area dedicated to exercising, one can run a couple of rounds without being disturbed.

Terra 28th
Designed as a park, playground, and an area where art pieces are displayed, Terra 28th is an open space where people – especially kids – can play traditional Filipino games, exercise, and appreciate art installations. Its field has designated areas for well-loved Filipino games like Patintero, Luksong Baka, Piko, and Holen. Terra 28th is located on the 28th Street in Bonifacio Global City.

Kasalikasan Garden
The name of this gem located in De Jesus Oval, Bonifacio Global City, got its name from the phrase “Kasali Ka Sa Kalikasan”. Kasalikasan is a little garden in the middle of the busy business district. It is the go-to spot of people who work nearby, especially when they are on break. For residents, it is where they break a sweat.

BGC Greenway Park
Considered as the longest linear park in Metro Manila, BGC Greenway Park is ideal for joggers and bikers. It is a 1.6-kilometer trail that stretches from the 31st Street at the northern end of Bonifacio Global City to McKinley Road. It is an excellent track as it is made of asphalt and remains lit even at night.

Jose Yao Campos Park
Named after the founder and chairman emeritus of United Laboratories, Jose Yao Campos Park is a well-maintained park located on 3rd Avenue in Bonifacio Global City. It features a landscape abundant in greeneries. Aside from the walkable pathways where one can saunter, it is also where The Mind Museum is sited.

These parks in Taguig City are reminders not to take one’s health for granted.

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