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Historical Landmarks in Muntinlupa

Unbeknownst to many, the National Bureau of Prison Reservation (NBP) is home to many historical landmarks in Muntinlupa – and not just the biggest prison compound in the Philippines.

One of these landmarks within the complex is Jamboree Lake.

Jamboree Lake is the smallest natural lake in the Philippines.  It’s a favorite hangout for nature lovers who are looking for a quiet place far from the rest of the city. Adjacent to the lake is a park where visitors can bird watch, fish, and picnic. Students and travelers can be found relaxing in the park during the afternoon.

Located a few meters from the lakeshore is Memorial Hill, a small hill found in the NBP compound that features a vintage cannon from World War II. The hill is famous as the burial place of Major Eriberto B. Misa Sr., the Prison Director from 1937 to 1949. The hill is named in honor of his service, as he is the longest-serving prison director to date. He made his mark in history by developing programs for prisoners’ recreation while inside Bilibid Prison.

Also within the NBP, the Japanese Garden Cemetery is dedicated to the Japanese soldiers who imprisoned in Muntinlupa during World War II. Also known as Yamashita Shrine, it is the burial place of General Tomoyuki Yamashita, the Japanese general tagged as the Tiger of Malaya who was executed for war crimes committed under his leadership during the war. A peace monument between the Philippines and Japan can be found in the cemetery.

For those with a knack for history, visiting the NBP would be a treat, as the stories tell of the eventful past of the Philippines that had taken place in Muntinlupa. It’s also a comfortable place to relax and wind down against a gorgeous view of nature and the comfort of peace and serenity.

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