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Hoppler’s Broker of the Month: Josephine Gibson

Passion and Transparency: How ‘Real’ Must a Real Estate Broker Should Be?

October’s broker of the month is an exceptional woman who obtained her expertise as a real estate broker through experience and impressive people skills.

Something about yourself.

I have a very active lifestyle. I’m into sports and I work out a lot, about three to four times a week. Whenever I’m stressed, my companion is the gym. I also run, practice yoga and pilates.

How long have you been in the industry?

I took my licensure exam and became a professional real estate broker in 1993. During that time, my children were already adults, they were taking care of themselves and I had fewer things to worry about. I wanted to keep myself busy and be involved with other things. That was the time when I thought of entering the world of real estate because I won’t need to go to the office everyday and I can work within the comforts of my own home. Most importantly, in this industry, you can manage your own time.

With almost two decades of experience in real estate, what do you love most about your job?

What I love about my work is that I meet a lot of interesting people. Another positive aspect is the luxury of having control over your schedule, especially when you need to attend to your family since quality time with them is very important. I am also passionate about lovely interiors and architecture and that is why I adore looking at beautifully constructed houses. Those are just a few of the many things I love about the real estate industry.

Josephine Gibson with Hoppler team
With co-brokers at HousingInteractive’s Brokers’ Night

What’s the one thing you hate about real estate?

Perhaps what is challenging sometimes in the realm of real estate is when you would have to deal with clients who are quite unreasonable and impatient. However, I see that as a test and more often than not, I can handle it very well. The secret when dealing with such predicament is to be confident and transparent. I don’t easily get intimidated and I would be very honest when dealing with my clients. For example, I would explain to them why it would take time to renovate a specific area in the house they would like to rent. I want them to realize that I would never compromise for anything less than what they expect or I would even strive to reach the goals which are beyond their expectations.

I’m the type of broker who goes for quality more than quantity. Whenever I turnover a house, I visualize that I’m the one living in that house so I make sure that everything is spic and span. And most of the time, my clients are very much satisfied because their standards are met.

I specialize in Ayala Alabang, Dasmarinas Village and Forbes Park. I don’t have problems handling the properties because whenever my clients have an issue, I resolve it right away.

Josephine believes that fostering a clear conscience and plain transparency in your work will do wonders.

Although you’ve been working long as an agent, was there ever a time when you wanted to quit or pursue a different career? How did you deal with it?

Like any others, Josephine reached the point where she gave up on her job. Yet she knew it was what she really enjoyed doing and she found herself still continuing. And it also helps that clients believe in her abilities.

So many times I’ve wanted to quit and I almost gave up. Yet, I am still here because my clients would still seek me out for recommendations and I feel pleased whenever I can help them with my experience in real estate. And also, a lot of my success can be attributed to my niece, Jomarie “Jom” Garcia who has been very instrumental in working with me in the field of real estate. Without her, I could have given up a long time ago.

What are your top three strengths as a real estate agent?

Being straightforward, being truthful and being honest. Those are the keys.

How would you describe your work style?

I never stop until my task is done. That’s why my knees hate me. (Laughs) I don’t want to sit on problems. I want to solve them, and then rest.

How would you describe or differentiate real estate then and now? What changes have you observed in how things are being done?

There is a big difference in real estate at present compare before because it has become more demanding specifically on rentals, probably due to the fact that there are more expats now in our country.

Lessons learned on the job.

Patience (laughs). But at the end of the day, I feel fulfilled when my clients are satisfied with my job. And when you were able to pull it off, they would trust you and refer you to others. I guess that is one of the reasons why I flourished in this business. That’s why if you don’t have passion for real estate, it would be better not to enter the industry. And I’m really passionate about this business, I can see things and visualize.

What’s the sure fire-way or what’s the secret to be successful in the industry?

Do your job. You have to research and be an efficient broker. The key to my success is that some clients became my friends. Whenever I have a client they make time and effort to have coffee with me. One thing nice with my relationship with my client is that it is not limited to a broker-client relationship. After the transaction, they would eventually become my friends. It’s a nice feeling that they still look for you. (and want to establish a connection) that transcends that of a business partnership. They ask for my opinion because I was able to build a good rapport with them. In addition, you must know how to present yourself to the clients and be trustworthy. Whenever I show properties to clients, I go for the quality of listings.

You must do your assignment. Research and study well like a student would before taking an exam. Be straightforward and transparent, that’s the whole thing. You have to do your assignment before you present to clients. When a client asks you questions, be prepared with truthful answers. Before conducting viewings, I see to it that I know where to go. I do ocular visits before presenting the property to the clients, and I do it by streets and then by number of houses.

While working in the real estate industry is no easy feat, she believes that any real estate broker can succeed.

Josephine Gibson October broker of the month

Advice for homebuyers in the Philippines.

It all depends on the purpose. If you are buying a property, you must ascertain whether you are an end-user or an investor. If you are an investor and you are after income, the priority must be the location. Why invest on a property in an area where nobody will rent? If you are an end-user, consider the location of the school where you wish your kids to study or somewhere near your place of work. Real estate hinges primarily on the aspect of location. If you want to invest your money, look for a location which has a good potential for earnings.

 A family-oriented woman, Josephine owes her dedication and perseverance to her loved ones.

Masaya ako basta masaya ang pamilya ko. Masaya ang mga anak ko. (I am happy as long as my family is happy, when my children are happy.) Everything follows. My family is my life.

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