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Hoppler Connects Explores the KonMari Method of Home Organization

Real estate professionals were introduced to the KonMari method of home organization in a fun and engaging discussion at Hoppler Connects last April 25, 2019. Held at KMC Frabelle Corporate Plaza, Salcedo Village, Makati, it was an afternoon devoted to learning and networking.

The program was officially opened by Hoppler President Raymond Gonzalez, who welcomed guests and introduced the event’s main speaker.

Renelyn Tan – Castillejos, founder of Yorokobi and KonMari Consultant-in-Training, took the stage to discuss The Joy of Tidying Up Your Home. During the talk, she discussed the right order of steps based on the KonMari method of home organization as well as important reminders for those who want to embark on a project.

After a short break, Therese Hilario, KMC Solutions’ Area Manager for Makati, welcomed everyone formally to Frabelle Corporate Plaza, which is their newest space and second in Salcedo Village. She then gave a brief introduction to the services of KMC and announced a new promo for real estate brokers and agents.

She was followed by Arvin Abreu, Business Development Director of Hoppler, who detailed the Partner Broker Program.

After a quick Q&A, raffle winners were awarded with merchandise.

Hoppler Connects is a free event where brokers meet to network and discover new ways to close more deals. To know more about the Partner Broker program and Hoppler Rewards, contact our Broker Coordinators at (+63) 915-870-4533 or (+63) 915-703-2645.

View more photos from the event on our Facebook page.

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