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Hoppler Goes to Art Fair Philippines 2018

Perhaps the biggest to date, Art Fair Philippines 2018 had once again taken over The Link Carpark, transforming it into the country’s annual visual art gathering with an overwhelming amount of exhibitions to showcase and talks to inspire. Its newest feature launched this year, Art Fair Philippines 2018 had opened its doors for photographers to exhibit their works, drawing an even larger audience to view the engaging collections. There were also art publications for sale for young art enthusiasts to further their knowledge in their fact.

The fair, frequented by artists, art enthusiasts, collectors, and students, had 51 participating galleries, including 15 foreign ones. There were also sponsored special exhibitions.

What still remained after all these years is how Art Fair Philippines continues to become a platform for audiences to engage in a discussion and reflection of art: its context in modern day culture, in the national and global scope, and in everyday living. And the mere transformation of a parking lot into a magnanimous exhibit hall only proves that art can be present in whatever venue or setting, shaking norms and challenging perceptions.

The Hoppler team dropped by the exhibit on opening day. Check out our favorites!

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