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Hoppler’s Php 1-Billion Forbes House for Sale

There has been a recent buzz in the real estate industry when Business Insider featured an article revealing the most expensive houses around the world where one of the mentioned properties is part of Hoppler’s property listings.

This is a fully furnished nine-bedroom, 10-bathroom house in Forbes Park offered at Php 1 Billion in our website.

An article published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer followed over the controversial Php 1-B Forbes residence stating that it could the most expensive home for sale in Makati.

It is only proper for the online brokerage firm which is offering the subject property through its online platform to provide for a statement of the news, although the owner and other pertinent details regarding the billion-worth dwelling will not be disclosed.

In an interview with our Chief Executive Officer John Riad, he opined that the common appraisal of properties in Forbes Park should be Php 225,000 per square meters as the maximum rate. He added that the price of the house was set fairly high in comparison with what the marketing is demanding at present.

The 1-Billion home in Forbes which is up for sale on the company’s website has a total lot area of 2,000 square meters and a total floor area of 1,750 square meters. In total, the pricey abode is being sold for Php 500,000 per square meters which is more than double the familiar amount of houses in the most coveted residential village in the country. 

“The owner offered the property in the market during the time when Manny Pacquiao bought a house in Forbes and trying to resell it so there is some hype going on. It has been a home for a celebrity and was occupied by an ambassador for six years after. The price might be too unrealistic but our job is to offer the house in accordance with the value given by the owner-client and we respect that,” according to Riad.

The CEO stated that there are few houses in Forbes which are being offered for rent or for sale in the market and it is his company’s job is to offer the property and let the market react. There are several prospect buyers who already showed interest in the 1-Billion worth home, but they did not pursue the purchase. Hence, the property is still available for sale.

Do you wish to know more about this mysterious and expensive property? Visit our listings of properties for sale in Forbes Park where you can find the most high-valued property in the country as of the moment.

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