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How to Network Online and Find Qualified Property Buyers

Have you ever tried selling real estate properties through the internet? How do you make your property marketable?

Today, majority of people rely on the internet for information and entertainment. Social media has made personal and business transactions a lot easier and faster. This makes networking online as one of the best platforms for your business or brand to reach your target market. Online networking plays a huge part in any information disseminating campaign or advertisement and it is easily accessible in just about any place especially in the era of smart phones.

However, in a time where everyone is on the internet, how can you stand out? Does your website or listing attract qualified buyers? Are you prepared to send them listings as quickly as possible? Are you active in social media outlets?

Here’s my presentation at the recently concluded Property Expo Philippines 2014 titled “Networking Online and Finding Qualified Buyers.”

How to Network Online and Find Qualified Property Buyers from Hoppler
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