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Jollijeeps: The Popular Food Stalls in Makati City

In the 80s, a number of enterprising old ladies – or those we, Filipinos, fondly call manangs – would flock to the streets of Ayala Avenue to sell home-cooked meals. Being constantly forced to stay out of the streets by traffic enforcers, they would retreat to the side streets which eventually became their new territories. It is believed that one of them saved enough money to purchase an old jeepney that she used as transportation and storage. When other manangs finally bought jeepneys, too, the dynamics of the way they sell changed; they used the jeepneys to transport food from one place to another. Customers, then, called the jeepneys as Jollijeep, from the words “Jollibee”, a popular Filipino fast-food restaurant, and “jeepney”, a Filipino transportation.

Today, Jollijeeps are no longer mobile but kept its name as a reminder of its humble origins. In the early 2000s, the local government of Makati gave these enterprises permanent homes by providing them with stalls. Jollijeeps now occupy the side streets of Makati.

Despite the profusion of fast-food restaurants and air-conditioned food courts in the Makati, many people still prefer to order at Jollijeeps.

If you work in the Makati CBD, no matter your job title, you know that these tin-colored food stalls serve affordable food and are popular mostly during lunchtime. With less than ?100, you can already buy a full meal – yes, including dessert. If you crave for the Filipino favorite sisig, you can head over to Sisig at Rada at Rada Street. If you prefer a juicy and crispy pork chop, Palanca Street Pork Chop at C. Palanca Street is a must try. Mang Lirio’s, which is also located at C. Palanca Street in front of the restaurant-bar Plantation, is famous for its gourmet meals. Its menu often includes baked chicken, roast beef with gravy, pork binagoongan and lechon kawali. Meals are neatly packed, making them more appetizing. For snacks, it offers saging con hielo, California maki, and sandwiches. It is a bit pricey compared to other Jollijeeps, but it offers value for money. One can visit these popular-among-employees Jollijeeps at Legaspi Village.

Jollijeeps never discriminate; it caters to everyone, but regular customers include blue-collar workers and rank-and-file employees. Moreover, these Jollijeeps are where residents who live near these stands buy their day-to-day food.

Whether you live in one of the residential towers near these Jollijeeps or a part of the Makati workforce, these food stands are ideal especially if you are on a budget. You can have your meal packed to eat at your office or home, or you can eat standing, as Jollijeeps don’t provide tables and chairs.

Perhaps Jollijeeps attract us due to our fondness for carinderia or a local eatery. If you want food that tastes great and doesn’t require you to spend too much money, Jollijeeps should be your go-to eatery.

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