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Kasakoo: The Online Forefront of the Cleaning Industry in the Philippines

It is irrefutably true – there is no place like home. It is where we find rest after a long day. But, let us face it; the activities of life in the city do not give us the time to effectively and dutifully take care of our house. Our lifestyle plays a big part in the way we take care of it. Nowadays, due to the constant progress of the Philippine economy, everyone is busier than ever. More so, expats and foreign investors flock to the country to work and start their businesses and young professionals opt to live in condo units near business districts where their office is more accessible.

One of the essential and practical ways to ease the stress of home cleaning is by hiring a house cleaner. Hoppler brings you to your new home while Kasakoo helps maintain its cleanliness to make it livable.

Kasakoo was established to professionalize cleaning services for expats and locals in the Philippines. It is a breakthrough in the industry with its online portal aimed to make the booking for household maintenance efficient and prompt. As the forefront of the cleaning industry in the country, it continues to provide homeowners excellent cleaning services and at the same time providing freelance home cleaners an opportunity to earn more.

  • Kasakoo guarantees security.

Among homeowners – expats and locals alike, belongings that go missing seem to be a common problem whenever they avail of house cleaning services. At Kasakoo, partner cleaners are trustworthy. Just like in the standard process of getting employees on board, partner cleaners are required to submit their NBI clearance and other necessary documents to ensure their accountability and upright background.

  • All Partner Cleaners are skilled.

Partner Cleaners are experienced and have worked overseas for hotels, families of dignitaries, and reputable cleaning agencies. They take and follow orders accurately which assures a faultless and quality service.

  • Kasakoo is affordable.

The company offers a reasonable rate of Php 300 per hour. The price does not vary and is not dependent on the size of a house. Homeowners also have the option to customize the type of cleaning their house needs.

Kasakoo and its Partner Cleaners are ever ready to attend to your house cleaning needs. You do not even have to wait and adjust your schedule depending on the availability of freelance cleaners; there is always a partner cleaner on standby.

Kasakoo is Hoppler’s partner in providing everyone a delightful and clean home in the Philippines. It has operations in Makati, Bonifacio Global City, and Ortigas with hopes to expand in other areas in Metro Manila.

hoppler kasakoo program

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