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Man VS Tech: How Technology is Changing the Role of Real Estate Brokers

Technology makes our lives better. We no longer have to wait for a long time in a taxicab stand just to get a ride; we can request for a car that can take us home using our cell phone. With a flick of a finger, we can now shop online. Students do not have to go to their school or local library and browse countless books to find answers to their homework; Google can provide answers fast. While technology certainly improves our lives, it also has the ability to affect the way we learn new things, interact with people, and manage our businesses immensely.

In the business aspect, technology affects the sales industry. The real estate industry for one is a people-centered business. If we eliminate human interaction in its process, a disorder is inevitable. The greatest assets of the industry are the people who work to achieve common goals – successfully closing a property deal and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Let us take a look at technology and its effects on the role of real estate brokers.

The superabundance of information

Technology gives everyone unlimited access to information online. Nonetheless, real estate brokers should be industry experts to be able to answer what clients cannot find online. More so, it can be a challenge to re-educate clients who have wrong information about the industry, the neighborhood where their preferred property is in, and the type of property they want. Brokers must ensure not to let the internet feed their clients with wrong information. Ultimately, although clients can easily search for answers to their real estate questions online, the mission of a broker is to confirm if what they know is factual. The profusion of data should inspire brokers to increase their knowledge about the industry.

Skills evaluation and credibility

Most clients now know what they want before they get a broker. They use technology to do their own research. It is possible that they only need the service of a broker to do the messy job – paperwork. They are now smarter about the industry and its process. With their knowledge, they can spare themselves from brokers who cannot provide the kind of service they expect so brokers need to level up their skills and reassess the way they handle clients. Furthermore, property seekers can simply browse the internet to find the best local broker; thus, online presence and credibility can influence the decision of clients to either hire a broker or not.

The use of social media

Real estate brokers should utilize social media to interact with clients and other brokers. They should use it to stay connected to their target market and prospect clients and leverage online relationships to get leads. There is an apparent battle for attention in social media; nonetheless, it is an effective tool to engage people.

Technology and real estate

Real estate companies understand that innovation increases profit. The creation of several property portals over the last few years signifies that many property seekers go online for their needs. Brokers must find a real estate platform where they can maximize the exposure of the properties they handle. Online brokerage firms provide a site where brokers can upload their listings and connect with other brokers. Some even offer virtual viewing of properties and neighborhoods to prospect clients. In addition, there are customer relationship management tools (CRM) that real estate professionals can use to stay on top of their ongoing deals. Innovation serves as an encouragement to brokers to utilize the available tools for their convenience. Now that almost everything is digital, they should learn how to keep up.

Technology supplements the role of real estate brokers and the real estate industry should continue to integrate technology into its system. Technological advances change the world and brokers should keep up to avoid being left behind.

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