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Nikko’s Baking Studio: A Homey Restaurant in Urdaneta Village

Humbly located at 59-A Paseo de Roxas Street in Urdaneta Village, Makati, is Nikko’s Baking Studio. It is a bakeshop, culinary school, and resto-café all rolled into one must-visit place.

In August 2014, Nikko’s Baking Studio opened as a school. Its owner, Chef Nikko Buendia, aimed to spread her love for baking. However, people would often walk in misidentifying the studio as a restaurant. The situation happened often and caused her to turn the studio into a full-service restaurant.

The restaurant is a quiet place on one of the busiest streets in Makati. It features a cabin-inspired front porch, which is perfect for date nights or an intimate catch up with a friend, and an indoor area preferred by guests who enjoy a more private dining spot.

Kahlua Mocha Cake
Drip Coffee

As a culinary school, one can expect quality and delectable food from the restaurant. Their bestsellers include 126 Cheese Sticks with Calamansi Aioli Dip, Chicharon Bulaklak, Lucban Longganisa Pasta, and the all-day breakfast Mart’s Flaky Tapa. Of course, a visit to a bakeshop would not be complete without a taste of their decadent desserts. Must-orders include, Kahlua Mocha Cake, Vanilla Crepe Cake and Sans Rival Chips.

More than serving delectable food, Nikko’s Baking Studio aims to be a go-to dining spot that feels more like a home than a restaurant.

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