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Outdoor Activities to Do in Nuvali

Perhaps the best spot to unwind in Laguna, Nuvali offers more than a premiere shopping experience. Whether to immerse one’s self in nature or to embark on thrilling recreational activities, one can expect a day’s worth of things to do in Nuvali.

Here are three outdoor activities to expect in Nuvali:

1. Go biking around the neighborhood

An activity that can be enjoyed at zero cost in Nuvali is biking. Acting on its advocacy of promoting ecological living, Nuvali has paved roads and designated bike paths to allow people of all ages to fully embrace the lush topography of the area. For those who want to rent bikes, the boat ride stall in Solenad 1 offers cheap rental on a per hour basis.

2. Try out wakeboarding

Wakeboarding has become popular among sports enthusiasts in the Philippines in recent years. Now, those who want to try out their hand at wakeboarding need not go to Camsur or Calatagan. Republic Waterpark in Nuvali, featuring a 4-hectare lake, bar, restaurant, and hotel, is now the nearest wakeboarding facility to Metro Manila.

What sets Republic Waterpark apart is its facilities for all ages – including children. Passes for 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours are available for families and friends to try out the thrilling sport. Meanwhile, those who are up for a challenge can try out the advanced course.

3. Visit Camp N

Camp N, which opened in 2016, is an outdoor adventure camp and team building hub in Nuvali. Famous among groups of friends and companies, Camp N boasts of thrills-based and skills-based facilities. Wall climbing, rappelling, an aerial walk, and an array of obstacle courses are just some activities to expect. Aside from being surrounded by outdoor fun, Camp N aims to be a place for people to recharge and reconnect.

Various packages with corresponding activities are available for anyone who visits Camp N, whose simple requirement is that guests are at least 4 ft in height and do not exceed the weight limit of 270 lbs.

Whether it be on a spontaneous trip or a planned getaway with friends, Nuvali offers enjoyable outdoor activities to keep everyone active.

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