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Parks in Muntinlupa that Bring the Community Together

Life down south is known for its family-friendly and community-oriented environment. One way the city of Muntinlupa has constantly been able to engage its community is by having many parks visible to the public. For those who prefer to stay near home in the afternoons, these parks provide options for recreation and relaxation.

Cuenca Park

For those who grew up in Ayala Alabang Village (AAV), Cuenca Park surely had played a huge part in their childhood. Sitting in Tanauan St., just beside the St. James the Great Parish, residents flock to Cuenca Park because of its vast space that’s conducive for many outdoor activities. Families can picnic and relax, appreciate the view of the sunset while taking in a breath of fresh air.

There’s also a football field. Especially during the summer, football friendlies and tournaments take place in Cuenca Park. When it isn’t football, it’s ultimate Frisbee, softball, or track and field. It’s a favorite after-school hangout and up to today, children could be seen enjoying the playground while the teenagers play in the covered courts.

Cuenca Park also has a Rustan’s Fresh and Starbucks Café inside, making the park a viable choice for get-togethers, especially for those that don’t want to leave the confines of AAV. During some weekends, Cuenca Park also becomes the venue for community events.

River Park

Festival River Park, a 2,300 square-meter outdoor haven with some of the Metro’s finest restaurants paired with the best of nature, was one of the many massive expansions of the supermall in 2015. Located across Festival Alabang, the River Park is surrounded by trees, a variety of plants, and a river that creates one of the calmest, most relaxing hangouts in Muntinlupa.

The River Park has two distinct identities. During the day, it’s a tranquil hideout spot for families. Oftentimes, people can be seen at the River Park jogging around, walking their pets, or enjoying a picnic with friends. During late afternoons, the after-work crowd visit to watch the sunset, before going to one of the many international restaurants the River Park houses that are great spots for dinner dates, reunions, or parties. Also present are several bars for a welcome nightcap.

The presence of outdoor parks is a pleasant alternative met with enthusiasm by many residents of Muntinlupa. They keep the community engaged with varied activities aside from going to the malls. It’s an added delight for its visitors are the parks are maintained regularly, thus remaining inviting for all.

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