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Safety Measures and Emergency Hotlines to Remember

While we cannot precisely predict when a natural calamity will happen, there are some safety measures that we can do in advance.

One of these steps is to prepare an emergency go bag, also known as bug-out bag or evacuation kit. A go bag is a backpack or duffel filled with survival essentials you can quickly grab and take with you in case of emergency. It’s necessary to keep the go bag in an area of your house or condo that is easily accessible so you can take it and run.

Some important items that should be included in a go bag include water; non-perishable food like canned goods or energy bars; a dependable source of light like matches, a lighter; or a flashlight; a change of clothes; wet wipes or a towelette for disinfecting; a first aid kit which contains any necessary medicines or personal prescription items.

You can also check out the infographic below and take note of the emergency hotlines to keep in mind or saved on your mobile phones.

Remember, the best way to cope with a natural disaster is to prepare by having a plan before it strikes.

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