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Santuario de San Antonio: A 19th-Century Church inside Forbes Park

Churches play a big role in our lives. It helps us grow in our faith and often serves as a place where many special occasions happen.

In the upscale Forbes Park in Makati rests Santuario de San Antonio. It was built at the end of World War II by the Franciscans after their mother church in Intramuros was destroyed. The friars dedicated the church to Saint Anthony and brought an old statue of the saint from their old church.

The decades-old church features cross-shaped layout with a dome-shaped ceiling. Moreover, displayed on its walls are paintings done by Italian artist Giotto and Philippines’ first national artist, Fernando Amorsolo.

Santuario de San Antonio is a popular venue not only due to its weekly masses but also due to it being one of the top choices for couples, especially those who belong to influential and rich families, who prefer a Catholic wedding.

To this day, Santuario de San Antonio continues to inspire people to grow in their faith. It remains as a prominent landmark to Forbes Park residents and those who live nearby.

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