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Serving the Community is Priority at Exchange Alley Coffee House

Located in Molito, Exchange Alley Coffee House, or EACH as it is commonly known within the neighborhood, is an offshoot from BF Homes’ well-known specialty coffee shop Magnum Opus. The man behind Magnum Opus, Jonathan Choi and his customer-turned-business partner Lester Tongson decided not to bring the same concept to Alabang, and instead, developed EACH, which could be seen as its hip, more approachable counterpart. The passion for coffee is there as well as the delicate preparation of it, but the atmosphere is casual. Many characters find themselves inside the two-floor coffee shop, and it’s the vision of EACH to serve them all with a great cup of coffee, above anything else.

For starters, many customers are immediately captured by the café’s minimalist, industrial interiors. Heavily inspired by British culture, in both their food and their interiors, EACH offers its visitors a laid-back and relaxed hideout. Anyone needing to work late or looking for a place for catching up with friends can do so in EACH. It has a rustic feel to its interiors, but it looks sleek and definitely comfortable for staying long hours. It helps that the space is wide – there’s even a second floor with many tables – therefore accommodating more people.

EACH opens at 7 AM every day, prompting early-risers to head there for a morning cup of coffee and a hearty plate of breakfast. The EACH Breakfast is a traditional English breakfast with eggs, toast, eggs, salad, bacon, and sausages. Their Avo Toast, topped with the customers’ choice of egg, salmon, or prosciutto, is a pleasant surprise with its smooth and grainy texture of the avocado mixing in with the flavors of whichever topping is preferred. For cheese lovers, their 3-cheese Toastie is a gourmet grilled cheese with a tomato dip and potato chips.

Made from freshly harvested beans, roasted to perfection, the coffee at EACH remains the star of the show. The team at EACH stands by the quality of their coffee. The standard is evident in every sip of their single origin coffee. The rich taste of the beans and spellbinding aroma are guaranteed to make every coffee lover ecstatic. Their cold brews – Nitro Black, Nitro White (with milk), and Nitro Stout (with porter or stout) – are brewed with a mini keg and served with foam on top. At first glance, it looks like a glass of beer, and it’s a revolutionary experience at EACH. For those who want something less complicated and more straightforward, the flat white is just the right kind of pick-me-up for whatever time of day. And for those who don’t want a cup of coffee, they also have an extensive tea menu.

Their dessert menu features velvety milk Soft Serve which can be enjoyed with a shot of espresso, with chocolate syrup drizzled over it, or on a buttery cone. They also have cakes available like their Mocha Mousse Cake or Gouda Cheesecake with shavings of cheese on top.

Driven by their shared passion for coffee, it’s this café’s service of providing great coffee for residents and visitors of Alabang with only the highest quality. EACH has only been around for a while, but there’s no question that they’ll be staying much longer.

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