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The Most Expensive Rental Districts in Metro Manila

If money’s no object, you can’t go wrong with real estate property that comes at a premium. These places may have a heavier price tag, but you’ll be able to get your money’s worth when it comes to amenities, proximity to work and leisure areas, accessibility and environment.

To figure out which ones are worthy of your investment, ZipMatch’s Data Science Team collated information from all condo and house and lot rental listings received from January 2016 to March 2017.

Most Expensive Condo Rental Districts in Metro Manila_Artboard 2


On the other hand, Wack-Wack in Mandaluyong has a significantly lower average rent per square meter compared to those in the top five, at Php 855. However, the premium comes in the form of space. Wack-Wack condos are more spacious, which explains the high average rent for a two-bedroom.

Most Expensive House and Lot Rental Districts in Metro Manila


According to ZipMatch, Forbes Park is Metro Manila’s most expensive house and lot rental district, with an average rent of Php 430,000 and an average rent per square meter of Php 531. Looking at the average rent value, it is a head and shoulders above the rest of the list.

For those who are looking to raise a family in an even more tranquil suburban community atmosphere, Ayala Alabang may be worthy of your investment. Sixth on ZipMatch’s list, the average rent in this district is at Php 150,000, and the average rent per square meter at Php 304. Despite being located farther from the main CBDs, the area’s value comes from being surrounded by top notch schools such as De La Salle Zobel and PAREF Woodrose School.

What high-end means when it comes to rental districts

The sheer number of high-end properties in Makati further proves that location is king when it comes to value, giving life to the phrase: “Convenience is a luxury.” Indeed, it’s not just the branding, the quality of the building and the services that makes a house, condo or district “high-end”; it’s the level of comfort that a perfect location offers. This is why property investors cannot go wrong investing in these prime districts that continue to evolve and grow.

This article is contributed by our friend from Zipmatch:

john-dang-zipmatch-blog-hopplerJohn Dang is the CEO & Co-Founder of ZipMatch.com, a real estate marketplace for home seekers and property sellers.


Source: Zipmatch Most Expensive Properties Rankings Data

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