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The South District: Alabang’s Newest Food Hall

Located inside Alabang Hills Village in Muntinlupa City, Madison Galleries is a miniature mall with an inspired, community-focused concept.

It’s a complete mall, consisting of five floors of restaurants, concept stores, and lifestyle options. It also has several banks, a grocery, and an event space. Opened in late 2016, Madison Galleries has quickly become a new favorite destination in Alabang for a number of reasons. For one, it isn’t too far from the neighborhood, and it reflects the chill vibe of the south. The mall is relatively quiet, even on weekends, and the slow pace enables visitors to really enjoy everything that it has to offer.

Madison Galleries is known for providing homegrown dining options and distinct culinary concepts. In its fourth floor, visitors can find The South District, a food hall featuring modern food concepts with al fresco dining. Fitting 150 diners, the hall is adorned with contemporary lighting pieces and comfortable seats that makes dining there a worthwhile experience.

Here are some definite must-try food stalls in the South’s newest food hall!

Don Bandidos

An interesting take on fusing Filipino and Mexican flavors, Dos Bandidos features a lineup of famous Mexican dishes – nachos, tacos, quesadillas, and burritos – filled with local food like chicken inasal, crispy adobo flakes, and shrimp aligue among many others. An absolute hit is their Black Bandit Quesadilla which has bulalo steak, truffle, and cheese.

Their nachos, served with a generous amount of salsa, meat, and cheese are an irresistible starter. With a kick of spice, it’s not easy to stop eating!

Bronx Fried Chicken

Also at The South District is a Bronx-inspired spin on classic fried chicken. In Bronx Fried Chicken, there are only two flavors to choose from – original or “The Notorious” and beer-battered or “Brewsky.” Each order comes with rice and a choice of dip. Their dips range from gravy, taco cheese, barbecue, adobo, and Sriracha ketchup, which pairs especially well with the Brewsky.

They also have a chicken fillet dish called “The Bomberz.” An order doesn’t come with rice, but it is a delicious snack for any time of the day. Other sides available are the hoops (onion rings), dem fries (French fries), and bomberz (chicken skin).

Its bold flavors and huge servings are what make Bronx Fried Chicken a crowd favorite.

Drop by Madison Galleries and don’t miss out on the chance to try these homegrown restaurants.

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