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Three Authentic Korean Restaurants in Bel-Air Makati

The popularity of K-Drama and K-Pop has influenced many Filipinos to explore the Korean lifestyle. In fact, Korean food is presently having its moment in the Philippines. Korean restaurants are more prominent now than ever. Admirers of the Korean culture and even those who are not, go to Korean restaurants to have a taste of Korean cuisine. And for those who live in Makati, Bel-Air has several Korean restaurants they can visit.

Kaya Korean Restaurant

Kaya is one of the first Korean restaurants in the Philippines. Located on Jupiter Street, it is a casual dining option that serves a selection of flavorful and authentic Korean dishes. It is ideal to start your meal with Kaya Salad which has assorted vegetables with black sesame sauce. The bestsellers include Kalbi Jjim which is Korean beef rib stew and Dolsot Bibimbap which is rice topped with assorted vegetables in a hot sizzling stone pot.

Korea Garden Restaurant

Way before the profusion of K-Dramas and K-Pop in the country, Korea Garden Restaurant was already in operation. It opened in 1974 and is believed to be the oldest Korean restaurant in the Philippines. The must-tries include Spring Rolls, Nackchi Bogum which is spicy octopus, and Squid Bulgogi. They also serve vegetarian dishes for the health-conscious guests. Korea Garden Restaurant is located on Jupiter Street.

Dong Won Restaurant

Conveniently located on Polaris Street corner Jupiter Street, finding Dong Won Restaurant is hassle-free. It features old-Korean-inspired interior and serves the usual Korean dishes. Eat-all-you-can Banchan or appetizers that include Kimchi, sweet potato with syrup, beansprouts in sesame oil, sautéed spinach, and pickles are served before the main courses. Ojing-o Gui or grilled spicy squid, Kalbi Jjim or beef stew, and Samgyupsal or thinly sliced pork barbecue are the must-tries.

All of these restaurants are within striking distance from a condo in Makati. If you are a fan of the Korean culture, visiting these restaurants is necessary.

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