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Three Must-Try Restaurants in San Antonio Plaza

San Antonio Plaza Arcade is a two-story lifestyle and community center in Forbes Park, Makati. It is the main public square in the village and is home to a few cafés, a grocery, health and medical boutiques, and restaurants. For residents who love to dine in upscale restaurants that serve quality food, a visit to the community plaza is necessary. Here are three must-try restaurants in San Antonio Plaza.


The high-end restaurant by the Pancake House group, Maple serves all-day gourmet breakfast meals. Located on the second level of San Antonio Plaza Arcade, it can house up to 30 guests. To live up to its name, maple design patterns and colors are apparent in the restaurant for a calm ambiance. The theme of its interior encourages an unhurried dining experience especially during breakfast when everyone can be hasty.

Maple’s food servings are quite big and good for sharing. Maple Breakfast, which is buttermilk pancakes or Belgian waffle served with Maple bacon, sausage, bistro fries, and eggs; Prime Rib Tapa, which is marinated prime rib served with garlic rice, two eggs with tomato-onion, salsa, and atchara; and Black Truffle Pasta, which is linguini tossed in black truffle cream sauce with pancetta, prosciutto, and parmesan cheese shavings are bestsellers and definitely must-tries.


Isogi serves Japanese cuisines and can accommodate roughly 30 guests. Located on the ground floor of San Antonio Plaza Arcade and in front of Sanctuario de San Antonio church, it is one of the frequented dining spots of Forbes residents especially after attending church.

Isogi’s must-tries include Pechay Mustard Sesame Salad, 16-Hour Braised Pork Belly, Australian Rib Eye Tepanyaki, and Prawns and Scallop Dynamite. The restaurant serves quality and delicious food albeit small servings.

La Nuova Pasteleria

A restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisines, La Nuova Pasteleria opened in 1978. Over the decades, it has become one of the best Italian restaurants in Metro Manila. The compact restaurant only has 15 tables; diners can expect a quiet and undisturbed dining experience.

La Nuova Pasteleria serves generous portions of food. Tartufo Pasta, which is tagliatelle pasta with white truffle cream, porcini mushrooms, prosciutto, and Risotto ai Porcini, which is Italian rice with fresh mushroom are must-orders.

Visit these quality restaurants to whet your appetite or to dine casually with loved ones.

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