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Three Must-Visit Restaurants in Poblacion, Makati

Poblacion is a popular food hub in Makati. A hideaway for foodies who enjoy going from one food spot to another, it is home to restaurants that offer palatable cuisines that satisfy intense and I-just-want-to-eat-something cravings.

No matter what kind of a foodie you are, Poblacion never discriminates – and disappoints. Whether you prefer to food crawl or you are the type who likes to go to a single restaurant to try its different dishes, Poblacion is a food haven you can explore.

You may have heard or even tried some of these food spots, but here are three must-visit restaurants you should try in Poblacion.

Crying Tiger Street Kitchen

The people behind El Chupacabra and Señor Pollo are also the folks who started Crying Tiger. Located on P. Guanzon Street, it is a few minutes away from A. Venue Mall. It offers Southeast Asian dishes and cheap beers that will take you back to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur’s street markets. It has become one of the go-to hangouts for people who are fond of Thai food.

Inspired by Southeast Asia, it features plastic plates, floral vinyl tablecloths, and festive glass lanterns. These elements imply Crying Tiger’s attempt and commitment to actually create a laid-back restaurant reminiscent of humble Southeast Asian holes-in-the-wall.

Crying Tiger serves delectable Thai favorites. From the classic and much loved Pad Thai, the little yet flavorful fried quail eggs to Thai pork barbecues and the milky Thai tea, Crying Tiger knows how to please taste buds.

Señor Pollo

The home of the Famous Latin Chicken, Señor Pollo Makati is loved both by locals and foreigners. Its affordable food and beers, the admirable wall murals, and its street-inspired ambiance make it one of the most frequented hangouts in Poblacion.

Located on Ebro Street, the hip hole-in-the-wall invites guests to come as they are. It is the second branch after the one in Quezon City. Señor Pollo is open for 11:30 AM to 2 AM, but most guests flock to it at night ‘til midnight when the vibe is more unhurried and easygoing.

Roasted and fried chicken dishes headline Señor Pollo’s and you can order a chicken meal with or without sides. Sides include cilantro fried rice, white or spicy rice, mac and cheese, patatas bravas, a tossed salad, and Columbian beans. But if you do not feel like eating chicken, Señor Pollo also serves quesadillas, nachos, and Sisig Rice Bowl.

Pura Vida

Located on Don Pedro Street, Pura Vida is the first Costa Rican lounge in Makati. It has become a go-to place for people who prefer a funky and laid-back hangout. From its vibrant interiors, eye-catching artworks and authentic-as-they-can-get Costa Rican dishes (one of the owners is a full-blooded Costa Rican) to live bands that sing soulful Reggae, Pura Vida will make one forget that he is in Makati.

For guests to be acquainted further with the taste of Costa Rica, Pura Vida serves food similar to what you will have when you dine with a family in Costa Rica. The Surtido de Bocas is a platter of delight that is good for sharing. For healthier options, you may opt for Casado or their Rice n Beans Con Pollo Caribeño. Pura Vida also has signature cocktails to complete your Costa Rican dining experience.

Visit these three hip and unique restaurants for a memorable dining out.

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