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Top 20 Most-Shared Blog Posts of 2015

Since it’s the season of posting throwback pictures from last year, pardon us as we take this chance to share some of our best pieces from 2015.

We compiled our articles from last year and picked the ones that got the most views and shares in different social media networks. We thought it would be interesting to find out what subjects stood out and what flew way past your nose.

Here are our top 20 most-shared blogs of 2015:

  1. 14 #Hugot Films to Watch at Home 
    Total Shares: 10K

  2. 10 Schools in the Philippines with Stunning Architectural Structures
    Total Shares: 8.8K

  3. Fact or Fallacy: Will A Condominium Be Demolished After 50 Years?
    Total Shares: 7.8K

  4. 12 Signs That You Are A True Blooded #TigaSouth
    Total Shares: 7.7K


  5. 12 Interesting Reasons Why You Should Move to Ortigas
    Total Shares: 7K

  6. 12 Signs that You Work in Ortigas
    Total Shares: 5.7K


  7. Top 10 Largest Campuses in Metro Manila in Terms of Land Area
    Total Shares: 3.3K

  8. Top Interior Design Schools in the Philippines
    Total Shares: 3k

  9. 9 Reasons Why You Should Move to BGC
    Total Shares: 1.7K

  10. High-rise Condominiums in Ortigas Center
    Total Shares: 1.7K

  11. 13 Superstitions that Influence Every Filipino Household
    Total Shares: 1.1K

  12. Housing Loans in the Philippines – Interest Rate Comparison Guide
    Total Shares: 1.1K


  13. Top Architectural Firms and Companies in The Philippines
    Total Shares: 1K

  14. Infrastructures Built During Marcos’ Time
    Total Shares: 831

  15. 7 Values Real Estate Brokers Can Learn From #AlDub
    Total Shares: 803

  16. Can Foreigners Own Property in the Philippines?
    Total Shares: 713

  17. 7 Best Cities in Metro Manila for Real Estate Investing
    Total Shares: 709

  18. The Philippine Real Estate Industry 10 Years From Now
    Total Shares: 647


  19. Real Estate Scams in the Philippines
    Total Shares: 565


    real estate scams in the philippines

  20. 12 Reasons To Own Rather Than Rent A Property
    Total Shares: 485

It’s been an awesome year and thank you for being part of it. May you have a happy and prosperous new year!

Total blog shares were curated from ahrefs.com

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