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Top Architectural Firms and Companies in The Philippines

Even though it has been a tough time for architectural firms these days, some architectural firms and companies have survived and are optimistic as a result of the overall recovery of the economy. The success of some firms and companies is astonishing because they didn’t merely survive tough economic times, but they’ve thrived during it, increasing revenue, projects, and even the number of employees. It wasn’t easy for them to accomplish such a feat but they did and they stood out among the rest.

But how does one stand out from the rest? Well, according to BCI Asia, who recognizes the top developers and architecture firms all over Asia, they select the architectural firms and companies with highest value portfolios of projects during the last full calendar years. They also focus on the extent of sustainability and confirmed local green building ratings.

Here are the top architectural firms and companies that had the greatest impact on the built environment:

  1. Aidea Philippines Inc.

After nine years of working in Hong Kong, architect Abelardo Tolentino Jr., came back to the Philippines in 1998 to lead the local unit of a British architectural company during the height of the Asian financial crisis.  That company, which bought after five years, is now one of the world’s largest architectural firms with over 500 projects in 40 countries.

Aidea Philippines began with a 25-man team 11 years ago and has now grown to become one of the largest architectural companies in the world with 170 professionals that include architects, interior designers, urban planners, graphic designers and programmers.  In 2013, Aidea was ranked 80th in the Building Design’s World Architecture Top 100 which is a renowned annual list of the world’s largest architectural firms. Aside from winning contracts, the Aidea team has also won grand prizes in international virtual competitions such as Build London Live and Build Qatar Live, which are both prestigious design competitions among architectural companies.

Some of their notable projects include Two Serendra in Taguig City, UP-Ayala Technohub in Quezon City, Baguio Technohub in Baguio (within Camp John Hay), Convergys One and Park Terraces, both located in Makati. Aidea Philippines also designed the West European headquarters of Procter & Gamble in Geneva, Switzerland.

  1. Asya Design

After building an unparalleled reputation in the field of design architecture over a number of years, Asya is now affirming itself as one of the leading architectural practices at the leading edge of incorporating suitable design into the build environment. Their portfolio consists of projects of all scopes, from the architectural design and value engineering of individual buildings to the master planning of communities. They have conceived, designed and built projects that include luxury residences, shopping mall developments, high-rise residential buildings, corporate offices, finance and banking  institutions, public and private institutions, clerical and religious buildings; recreational, sports facilities and casinos, just to name a few.

ASYA Design Partner has consistently been awarded by BCI Asia as one of the Top Ten Architectural Firms in the Philippines. ASYA Design Partner sets new trends in the estate market by taking a fresh approach to all aspects of architectural design. The company`s finesse in building technology applications and commitment to design quality has produced a portfolio that features some of the most notable clientele in the country and abroad. With distinguished projects in Shanghai Taicang, Chengdu, Xiamen, Suzhou, Songjiang and mostly in the Philippines, ASYA has completed numerous buildings as proof of its design excellence and service.

Their notable projects include Starmall Azienda in Cebu, Admiral Baysuites and FoGuang Shan Temple both in Manila, SMDC Showroom and SM Sea Residences both in Pasay.

  1. Casas + Architects

Casas+Architects began from the partnership of two architects, Jose Pedro C. Recio and Carmelo T. Casas. They both had diversified practice of Hong Kong’s top architectural firms and decided to form their partnership, which was initially Hong Kong based, in October 1988 and agreed on the name Recio+Casas. They opened a Philippine office in 1990 and their partnership undertook the role of design consultant for many projects such as ABS-CBN Broadcasting Studio Complex, One and Two Lafayette Square, Kingswood Gardens, Salcedo Park, and the Richmonde.

The Recio+Casas firm was awarded its first prestigious title of Firm of the Year Award by the Philippine Institute of Architects. Sadly, Recio+Casas demerged after 20 years when Arch. Recio withdrew from the partnership. The firm continued to run under Arch. Casas with new partners aboard and have since then changed the name to Casas+Architects. What sets this firm apart is more than a distinction in design and structure, they create an impact in individual lives, neighborhoods, and cities in every project that it embarks on.

Some of their notable projects include St. Francis Tower in Mandaluyong, the Shang Grand Tower in Makati, UST-AMV College of Accounting in Manila, Pacific Plaza Towers at Fort Bonifacio, the Bellagio, Camp John Hay Manor and Suites in Baguio, and the Cheng Yang Central Linear City in Qingdao, China.

  1. Edward Co Tan + Architects

Recognized as one of the most awarded architectural firms founded in 2002, Edward Co Tan +Architects has committed to designing, building and developing structures and communities that move and inspire our society.

They give the promise that each project is engineered and studied meticulously for business planning thus, making every square inch of the project functional and fully maximized for optimum investment. In this way, they deliver results that benefit both property owners and investors. Their reputation is built on providing excellence in designing and developing structures that deliver sustainable and flawless urban design while maintaining cost effectively. They embrace advancements and methodologies like the PhilGBC (Philippine Green Building Council), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and USGBC (US Green Building Council).

Their notable projects include the Hive Mall and Residences in Taytay, Central Mall in Cavite, the Sanctuarium in Quezon City, which is the first fully integrated memorial home cum columbary and the Ritz Hotel in Davao.

  1. GF and Partners Architects

GF and Partners Architects is an award winning architecture and design firm based in Manila.They believe that for a design to be successful, one has to learn to collaborate with both designer and client and handle expectations exceptionally well. What sets them apart from other architectural firms is their collaborative and combined approach focuses not only on creating the best solutions today, but also creating the right solutions for tomorrow. They take pride of being one of the handful of architectural firms in the country to have survived and sustained its business for over 40 years.

Gabriel Formoso, the founding partner, mostly designed his buildings in the modernist passion. He started his profession in 1950 and by the 60’s became successful in his element. He became the preferred architect by the rich and famous in the boom years of Forbes Park and Damariñas Village.

Some of their notable projects include the Residences at Greenbelt in Makati, Viridian in San Juan, Shangri-la at the Fort and the Manila Bay Resorts in Parañaque.

Each firm has an underlying philosophy or offers a unique approach which dictates the kind of jobs that it takes. But what’s apparent among the top firms and companies is the advancement of people’s lives is always considered in the designs.  They want to leave an impact on people’s lives in every project they embark on and accomplish. They are the best at what they do because they give utmost importance to the satisfaction of not only the clients but also of the end-users.

Do you know the architect that designed your home or the favorite mall you hangout to? Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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