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Venice Grand Canal Mall: A Glimpse of Italy in Manila

Venice-inspired and world-class in design – its structure accurately resembles the Grand Canal in Italy – Venice Grand Canal Mall is a lifestyle hub by Megaworld Corporation. It is located in the residential development Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill, Taguig City.

Despite the upscale appearance and atmosphere that envelope the establishment, Venice Grand Canal Mall is open to everyone. Since its opening in 2015, it has become one of the go-to hangout spots of Taguig City residents.

Aside from its grand and picture-perfect scenery, Venice Grand Canal Mall is where one can discover and enjoy an elevated lifestyle.

Venice Grand Canal Mall houses highly-regarded restaurants Filipinos and foreigners love. Whether one craves for a Prosciutto Focaccia or a light snack of tender and flavorful chicken wings, there are dining options in the mall that can help satisfy his hunger. Some of the must-tries include Toni & Sergio, a high-end restaurant that serves Italian-Spanish dishes; Mati’s Bread and Meat, which offers a wide variety of breads and premium steaks; and Alab, a Filipino restaurant that serves dishes familiar to the Filipino palate.

Located on the 3rd floor of Venice Grand Canal Mall is the state-of-the-art Venice Cineplex. It features five movie theaters with reclining leather chairs, and the latest big screen and sound system technology. Seats have buttons one can push to ask assistance from a butler. The cinema is where one can revel in a much-deserved leisure.

There are activities one can enjoy to complete his Venetian-inspired experience. One can enjoy a gondola ride for P500 and feed the pigeons by buying a pack of bird food for P20.

Venice Grand Canal Mall is not only a popular attraction due to its design and structure. It continues to appeal to people as it offers a place where one can unwind and have a feel of the casual lifestyle in Venice, Italy.

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