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Welcome to Bel-Air: An All-Inclusive Community in Makati

When people think of Bel-Air, Makati, they immediately imagine a quiet and secure residential village, popular and under-the-radar restaurants and cafés, nearby top-class hotels and malls, and a laid-back lifestyle that both locals and expatriates adore. It has hangouts that even tourists from around the world visit. These visitors who want to explore the fast-paced and modern lifestyle in the country know that Bel-Air is a must-visit location that offers a great time twenty-four seven.

From a village initially developed for Philippine Airline pilots, it is now a non-discriminating neighborhood where everyone can discover new places and take part in leisure and lifestyle activities. It is not only a warm district with diverse residents, a haven for foodies, and an open-minded and welcoming community loved by entrepreneurs and artists; people from different lifestyles and backgrounds flock to Bel-Air to grow in the many facets of their life.

Bel-Air makes traveling a cinch

Accessible via major thoroughfares and is nearby the Makati Central Business District, Bel-Air makes traveling stress-free. More so, convenience is permanently at hand as there are public transportations around the area.

Bel-Air is a go-to hangout

Bel-Air is popular for its hip and picture-perfect restaurants, cafés, and bars. Every night – yes, even during the workweek – people go to these hangouts to dine or to drink. From Korean cuisines, steaks, healthy burgers to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Bel-Air has food spots to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

Bel-Air promotes a healthy lifestyle

Living is easy at Bel-Air. It is one of the most walkable communities in Makati. Not only does walking promote a healthier lifestyle but it also sets an opportunity for everyone to experience the neighborhood better. There are parks where residents and even people from nearby locations visit to jog, hang out, and walk their dogs.

Bel-Air is for everyone

Since diversity is apparent in Bel-Air, interaction with people from different walks of life is inevitable – but utterly beneficial. Bel-Air being an all-inclusive community inspires its residents and visitors to be more accepting of other people’s perspectives and preferences in life. Additionally, whether one is a starting-out artist, a business owner from a wealthy family, or a tourist who want to explore Makati for a short period, Bel-Air does not discriminate; rather, it offers countless opportunities for everyone to discover what they love and to grow and be successful in their chosen path.

Bel-Air is an ideal residential community

Despite the fast-paced lifestyle that Bel-Air is popular for, it has a gated village that is solely residential. The private village was awarded for eight consecutive years as the cleanest and greenest barangay in Makati and was inducted into the Makati Clean and Green Hall of Fame in 2005. Its tree-lined streets are quiet, and orderly, making it an ideal neighborhood for both locals and expatriates.

With everything Bel-Air has to offer, it continues to be a beneficial and all-inclusive community both for its residents and guests.

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