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Welcome to Forbes Park: A Prime Residential Village in the Philippines

Forbes Park has become synonymous with upscale living over the years. Considered as the “Beverly Hills of Manila”, it is where affluent families, business tycoons, politicians, prominent celebrities, foreign diplomats, and expatriates who are business executives live.

An elite private village, only the richest of the Filipino rich can afford a house at Forbes Park. It was established in the early 1940s and named after the American Governor-General of the Philippines, William Cameron Forbes. It is not only a residential community with exquisite houses; history lies underneath its even streets.

With tree-lined streets – some of the trees are even over half a century old – and a naturally peaceful overall atmosphere, Forbes Park is suitable for people who prefer upscale urban residential living.

Here are reasons why Forbes Park continues to be a prime residential village in the Philippines:

An elevated lifestyle

Residents of Forbes know too well that life in the village elevates the quality of life. Regarded as a residential community for the well-to-do families, from a calm and clean environment, village rules promoting the well-being and safety of residents to neighbors who value privacy, Forbes is for people who prefer a home that promotes their health and wellness.

A greater sense of community

Since the comings and goings in the village are controlled, residents have a better awareness of who their actual neighbors are. Such awareness results in a sense of familiarity and freedom to trust. And despite Forbes being laid-back and quiet, house parties and events that encourage conviviality among neighbors often occur.

Privacy and safety are priorities

Forbes is a gated village where access is controlled. Visitors won’t be able to enter its confines without a go signal from residents. Moreover, the guards who man the entrance record every entry and exit of cars. Security measures are frequently reviewed and upgraded by The Forbes Park Association (FPA) to ensure a safe and peaceful environment within the neighborhood.

Property value only appreciates

The primary reason people buy properties is for end-use; however, for those who treat homes as an investment, a property at Forbes is a beneficial-over-time investment.

Factors affecting the value of a property include location, demand, neighborhood reputation, accessibility, quality of the development, and economic activity trends. The value of homes in Forbes can only appreciate. With all the economic activities and advancements happening around its perimeters, it is only appropriate to anticipate a consistent increase in the value of its properties.

Close proximity to business districts

One of the enticements of Forbes is its nearness to Makati Central Business District and Bonifacio Global City. Living close to a business district – or districts, in Forbes’ case – means, work and business opportunities are limitless and at hand. Majority of those who reside at Forbes are business owners and for those whose offices are in Makati CBD and BGC, having a home in the prominent village is favorable.

McKinley Road divides the village into Forbes Park and Forbes Park North. Nevertheless, it is accessible via major roads including EDSA, making traveling to business districts and major location in Metro Manila an expedient activity.

Forbes Park continues to remain as a prime village in the Philippines. With the buying, selling, or renting out of properties happening in it and the developments in its surrounding areas, its progress is not expected to come to a halt anytime soon.

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