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Welcome to Salcedo Village: A Community of Diverse Personalities

Within Barangay Bel-Air is one of Makati’s hottest business communities: Salcedo Village. Numerous towering office buildings occupy its busy streets, but those aren’t all that it has to offer.

Despite it being less than a 10 minute walk from another of Makati’s flourishing business districts – Legaspi Village – there is an evident distinction in the atmosphere and vibe of Salcedo Village. The reason is simple: the diverse personalities that compose Salcedo Village’s community.

The streets of this inviting neighborhood are never empty.

Salcedo Village is highlighted by its humble community of young artists, families, and working professionals, interacting with one another courteously as they pace through their day. Majority of these people reside in condominiums in the neighborhood, which is important for those who desire to find a place that’s within walking distance from their work.

It isn’t easy to pinpoint exactly how Salcedo Village manages to exude a calm vibe while being a quick-paced business district, but an overflow of activities to do and places to visit engage the community, bringing them together and closer. Residents of Salcedo Village enjoy a fun outdoor lifestyle, as kids are seen playing in the park during the afternoons as the adults jog around the wide streets of the neighborhood. At night, the streets are filled with groups of friends walking together to restaurants for dinner and to pubs for drinks. This effortless environment of oneness and community is exactly what visitors desire and residents love about Salcedo.

Salcedo Village is quickly associated with its Saturday market in the famous Jaime Velasquez Park, offering a wide variety of organic ingredients, fresh produce, and delectable dishes for all to enjoy. Special events are also held at the park to celebrate occasions such as Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. These events effortlessly draw the community out of their homes and into the park, the perfect setting for them to interact, make connections, and develop friendships.

Because it’s laidback, it’s the perfect place to explore leisurely.

Many homegrown restaurants and sophisticated hostels can be found in Salcedo Village, making it a top destination for backpackers and tourists.  Many third wave coffee shops surround the area for those looking to start their day with a dose of caffeine and must-try international restaurants are sure to excite the foodies. Even with Makati’s premier malls a few minutes away, many of its residents opt to remain in Salcedo Village to unwind, and the experience is made even better because of the unique offerings of the neighborhood.

Salcedo Village is the place to be in Makati for those looking to reside within a neighborhood that has easy access to the business district and a close-knit community lifestyle and for those who desire to find a spot in the fast-paced city to unwind, relax, and take it slow.

It’s no wonder people keep coming back to Salcedo Village.

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