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Philippine Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam Reviewer [FREE PDF DOWNLOAD]

To pass any kind of examination, detailed study and preparation are necessary.

Hoppler is proud to offer a comprehensive reviewer for prospective real estate brokers that are preparing for the Philippine Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam (REBLEX). This reviewer serves as a great study enhancement tool for individuals hoping to pass this year’s REBLEX and begin their new career as a Real Estate Broker.

The objective of this reviewer is to help future real estate brokers understand some of the major concepts that will be focused on in the licensure exam.


This reviewer includes 15 chapters that touch on important Real Estate topics such as:

  • Real Estate Terminologies

  • Fundamentals of Real Estate Brokerage

  • Fundamentals of Property Ownership

  • Real Estate Laws

  • Code of Ethics and more!

Fill out the form below to download PDF eBook REBLEX Reviewer:

Are you ready for the exam? Gain the advantage now and download this free eBook reviewer.

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