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10 Personal Gifts for Clients, Owners, and Associates

While a simple “thank you” can already suffice on most professional transactions, service-oriented industries such as the real estate are accustomed to extending this gesture in full. Whether a client, an owner or an associate, it is never too much to give a little extra. Those who go through the extra mile are the ones remembered and at times, even gain loyalty.

Gifts can be a double-edged sword, so you have to be careful in picking them. While personalized items can sometimes be costly for you, it can also be ill-suited for their personal taste. Here are interesting suggestions that express your utmost appreciation without breaking your paycheck.

  1. Coupons and Gift Checks

It has been done a million times but it never gets old. Who doesn’t love getting coffee, movies, clothes or facial treatments for free or at a discounted price? Just make sure that the coupon or gift check you’ll be giving matches their interest or personality.

  1. Good Reads

Grab a book for them about home remedies or office management. Find something relevant about their property and beyond. You can even use Twitter to send out great links they might be interested in. They’d surely appreciate a well-written post on their feeds.

  1. Gadget Accessories

People you’d encounter in this type of job are mostly tech-savvy. They take pleasure in small things such as getting an edge in terms of convenience. A simple USB flashdisk may be too conventional so why not try a USB cable adaptor? Chances are they have multiple devices and receiving an all-in-one reliable charger will certainly be an answered prayer.

  1. Home Decors

Since you’re already in the business, try to find a way to brighten up their space. Go for something neutral that goes well with all sorts of designs. Small indoor plants are always a good choice. They freshen up offices, tables, desks and lighten humid homes.

  1. Healthy Snacks

While in a viewing or meeting, give them yummy vegetable sticks with all-sorts of delicious dips. A fresh batch of salad would be nice to crunch on between rides from property to property. Perhaps some California Maki’s could do the trick. Bring an extra batch for them to take home and share with their families.

  1. Sincere Gestures

Nothing says “I listen and understand you” as much as a giveaways for their loved ones. Clients and colleagues find value to the simple gesture like remembering they have a 5-year old daughter who’s crazy about Elsa. A mere Sudoku book for a homeowner’s elderly parents would surely warm their hearts.

  1. New Knowledge

Who says giveaways should only be tangible? Hook them up with top training sessions and seminars about real estate investments. The more your client knows about it, the more they’ll appreciate it, thus the more valuable they are to your work.

  1. Great Recommendations

List down cool hangouts near their properties. Map out safe bike routes to get to their office or school or an alternative commute they may not be aware of. Get them acquainted around the property like a local would. Simple things like these make a huge difference.

  1. Connecting Networks

Aside from growing your business, let them grow theirs as well. Refer them to people you may know in their line of work. Who knows, they might just be the next power team in their field. A step-up in their business could only mean better terms for you.

  1. Personal Notes

Express your appreciation for their time and effort. Let them know how you felt during your experience with them. Be personal and honest. A templated email will simply be lost in their inbox. Try short hand-written notes on your business cards for them to keep and remember the superb treatment they got from you.

It’s clear that you want to leave a positive lasting impression so don’t be afraid to step outside corporate conventional items that are too impersonal and cold. Put a bit of imagination and creativity to your giveaways and reap the rewards of your effort.

This article is contributed by Michelle, a Hoppler broker.

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