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10 Best Real Estate CRM Software Options for Brokers

Professionals understand that the abundance of clients does not essentially connote a successful career or business. In the real estate industry, due to its dynamics and trends, brokers often encounter difficulty in managing clients. Nowadays, real estate professionals and companies take advantage of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to keep track of the progress of their career and business. A CRM system is more than just a database to store contact details; it is an ideal assistant to effectively manage clients and transactions and automate sales and marketing tasks.

Here are 10 best real estate CRM software options for brokers:

Kumita by Hoppler


Kumita by Hoppler is a free yet powerful real estate CRM exclusive to Hoppler Partner Brokers. A smart real estate companion to efficiently accomplish goals, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It is a comprehensive tool to get quality and sure leads, manage time and keep track of schedules, connect with brokers and property owners, create essential real estate documents, and get a real-time business report. Ultimately, Kumita has a support team in case users need assistance. Through Kumita, real estate professionals can work fast and smart, and focus on what really matters – getting more listings and closing more deals.

Subscription cost:

  • Free




Placester knows that real estate professionals should first know their leads and understand what they want before actually considering as clients. Its features do not only help brokers get leads; through Placester, they can also create tasks and reminders to manage clients better and schedule follow-up activities to guarantee that every lead is handled properly and no one gets lost in the process. To keep track of career growth, real estate professionals can view reports and insights about their business to check the lead management strategies that work and consider the improvement of ineffective campaigns. Placester has a support team that is always ready to assist in case anyone is stuck in one of its features.

Subscription cost:

  • $150/month for Essential
  • $400/month for Premium




Ingeniously designed to help real estate professionals stay on top of their leads and transactions, PropertyBase is a powerful tool that simplifies the sales process and the management of leads and clients. Through it, professionals in the residential and commercial divisions and real estate developers can manage all their inquiries and properties in a single comprehensive database. The CRM provides every user all client-related activities to ensure that they are always a step ahead and understand the requirements of their clients. Users can also upload and share essential real estate documents and photos and get a real-time business report.

Subscription cost: 

  • $59/month per user (minimum 4 users) for Company Edition
  • $89/month per user (minimum 10 users) for Enterprise Edition




Brivity is a cloud-based CRM and transaction management platform to help real estate brokers market properties; manage listings, leads, and clients; store and share documents; and review client feedback to track how their listings are being received. It is more than just an effective customer relationship tool; it has transaction management features to eliminate the hassle of a manual sales process management. Through the level of customer service that Brivity provides, an increase in the productivity of real estate brokers is fail-safe.

Subscription cost:

  • $99.99/month (2 users) for Basic
  • $149.99/month (5 users) for Team
  • $199.99/month (10 users) for Brokerage

$19.99/month per additional user




BoomTown helps real estate brokers close more deals through its features that cleverly track the actions of leads to gain insights and learn their property-searching behaviors, make brokers productive in their marketing campaigns through automated e-mails, and manage other agents in their network. It is accessible anywhere via a mobile to highlight the importance of productivity and turning leads to sure clients immediately; hence, BoomTown is a CRM that contributes to the productivity and success of real estate brokers in closing deals with ease and successfully.

Subscription cost:

  • $250/month




ReferralMaker stands out as a CRM that creates personalized action steps to help real estate brokers achieve their financial and personal goals. In the sales industry, getting quality leads is important; ReferralMaker focuses on providing brokers a steady stream of leads that convert to sales through its Work by Referral sales system. Brokers can prioritize preloaded activities generated to guarantee a productive day, know when and how to get in touch with clients, manage transactions and track expenses, and stay on top of appointments and tasks using ReferralMaker.

Subscription cost:

  • $49/month


Wise Agent


Wise Agent aims to make the lives of brokers easier so they can focus on what really matters – enjoying the kind of life that they have always wanted. Thus, its features help automate the business of real estate professionals. Wise Agent saves valuable time using tools to engage and optimize every lead. With a little effort, the system can automatically pull social data from the accounts of their current leads. The setting of automatic e-mails to clients helps save time and energy, but still gets the job done efficiently. The CRM helps brokers manage leads, appointment schedules, transactions, and important documents to increase productivity.

Subscription cost:

  • $24.95/month




In real estate, it is undeniable that productivity leads to profitability; and MarketLeader understands that to be productive, the assistance of an effective real estate system or tool is essential. MarketLeader is a solution to generate, manage, and engage leads without great difficulties. Moreover, it tracks the online activities of leads so brokers could learn how to provide the needs of these prospect clients better. MarketLeader also automatically collects all the leads of real estate brokers when they connect it to their lead sources websites accounts. It is a mobile CRM; users can carry their business with them anytime, anywhere.

Subscription cost:

  • $99/month for IDX website + CRM




The way real estate brokers manage their clients affects the success of transactions. TopProducer understands that to build a business, brokers need to build first their relationship with clients. Designed to capture and convert leads into sure clients, TopProducer is an easy-to-use tool that helps brokers stay on top of the sales process. Brokers can get instant leads information, manage current clients, send automated e-mail, and be on track of every transaction as they build relationships and accomplish tasks for their clients. It is accessible via a mobile to guarantee productivity even when users are on the go.

Subscription cost:

  • $39.95/month




RealtyJuggler is a simple CRM for real estate brokers who want a straightforward tool to manage leads and keep track of transactions. No matter how many leads they are working on, RealtyJuggler has features that simplify leads and transactions management, create activity plans, calculate and track commissions, and upload documents for future use. It runs on any internet-equipped device for accessibility so brokers can have a virtual assistant anytime and anywhere.

Subscription cost:

  • $99/year


Numerous real estate CRM software systems are available in the market so it is recommended to assess your current needs and consider every option before opting for one.

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