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15 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents

With the current complex and digitally driven society we are in, the market choices has changed in almost every industry. In terms of real estate, one aspect that brokers must keep in mind is that at present, home shoppers look for the most suitable abode wherever they are by using their mobile phones. Mobile and digital devices will be indispensable in the manner we conduct business and real estate brokers must keep up and take advantage of technology in order to increase their sales.

As expected, various mobile apps are now available to make the lives of real estate agents easier and increase the number of sources for qualified leads. Hoppler asked its in-house real estate professionals to share some of the most effective real estate mobile apps they use nowadays from getting inquiries to viewings and closing deals.

  1. LinkedIn

One of the advantages of this app aside from being able to advertise yourself as a broker online for free is to conveniently pull contact information from LinkedIn profiles and save it in your phone. This business-oriented social networking service syncs phone numbers and e-mail addresses of those within your network in your phone.

  1. Dropbox

Real estate practitioners are bombarded with documents and paperwork. This free mobile service seems to make the work worry-free as you can bring your documents photos and videos anywhere and share them effortlessly. Dropbox can store your files as well as send or show them to your client right there and then. This will save you more time in processing details and legal documents needed by the buyers or renters.

  1. Waze

This travel app connects drivers to improve the quality of driving by providing a map, being able to avoid heavy traffic or suggesting better and new routes . Waze will definitely save brokers’ time with finding the best options in getting to the location of their viewings.

  1. Magisto

Do you experience difficulty in making videos of neighborhoods and homes you intend to sell? No need to fret since this amazing app will help you combine photos and videos for a walk-through presentation of the properties on your listings. This will be a more convenient way to show your clients other houses or condo units and ascertain the possible properties which would be suitable to their needs. In this manner, it would be more convenient to both agents and home buyers since they can save time and need not to view all the available properties physically. In an instant, you can be a professional videographer at the touch of a button on your mobile phone.

  1. Flipboard

Keeping up with the current trend and events in the real estate industry is another advantage a successful real estate broker can acquire through modern technology. Flipboard will curate the most relevant news and social content for you based on your chosen categories and subject matter. Most brokers do not have free time to read the news, this mobile app will select articles which interest you to save you time. All you need to do is read and be informed.

  1. Viber

Since most people use Viber to call and message for free just by using the internet, brokers must also create their own Viber account to cater to their clients. Not only allowing free calls and messages, this mobile app will also let you share photos, videos and your current location to your clients. Moreover, various groups of real estate agents are available in Viber. In this way, brokers can share insights and listings with other agents right away.

  1. Compass

There are numerous downloadable compass mobile apps for free. Why is this important for real estate agents to have in their phone? Most clients are keen when it comes to the orientation of the properties since it has to be compatible with their sign for Feng Shui purposes. In addition, when home buyers or renters ask, you must know if a certain property is more valuable to them if view of the windows or the balcony is facing the sunset.

  1. Evernote

This app allows you to sync your documents with your other devices such as smartphones and tablets as long as you have internet connection. So if you are in a meeting away from your desk or with clients for viewing, you do not need to carry your laptop. much more, notes that you take in your smartphone is automatically synced to your other devices.

  1. Loan Calculator

Brokers are grateful for this mobile app for the convenience it brings when calculating the house loan of clients. This app will automatically provide for the monthly loan payments whenever you adjust and change the interest rate. Now, you do not need to be a walking calculator to excel in pleasing your home buyers.

  1. Currency Converter App

Another must-have according to Hoppler’s in-house brokers is the currency converter mobile app since they usually deal with expats who might not be familiar yet on how to convert their currency to Philippine peso. This mobile tool can easily provide for the price of the rent or the amount of the property for sale based on the current exchange rate.

  1. Google Maps

Another way to get information when it comes to visiting properties and meeting home buyers is Google Maps. This app will not merely provide for the location map, it can give you suggestions on how to get to your destination by car, walking or via public vehicles with the estimated distance and time. You can easily find the most prestigious condominiums in Makati and the streets where they are located by checking Google Maps.

  1. Uber

For real estate practitioners who do not have their own cars or company provided vehicle, Uber will be an effective way to save time and effort in conducting viewings for clients. This app can be used to request for cars in order to reach your destination.

  1. MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) App

Another travel companion of brokers to avoid Metro Manila’s heavy traffic is the MMDA smartphone application allowing them to know the general traffics situation in the city. This tool provides for colors describing the severity of the traffic situation in the Metro’s major roads.

  1. PDF Reader Mobile App

One of the must-have apps suggested by Hoppler real estate brokers is the PDF Reader Mobile App since they would have to review various files such as contracts and titles on the road. In addition, this tool is not merely a file viewer, it ha powerful annotation and editing features allowing you to fill up forms, sign contracts, highlight, provide sticky notes and stamp tools even when you are away from your computer.

  1. Vert

Last but equally important for real estate practitioners to have in their phones is Vert! With this smartphone tool, you can easily convert area, length, metric references and many more which you need when answering queries from your clients when it comes to the size of the property. Make the business of real estate simple and efficient with this app. 

Now you have a list of the essential mobile applications every real estate broker must have. You can start downloading them and work your way to being a successful real estate professional.

Did we miss anything which you think is important for a successful career in the real estate industry? Share your thoughts and feel free to comment below!

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