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4 Tips to Achieve and Maintain Customer Satisfaction in Real Estate

A bad reputation is the last thing you would want to have in a discerning market. Satisfied clients serve as a gate pass to a larger network. A half-baked service might never get you referrals. To clients, the experience they get from the process is as important as the sale. Customer satisfaction is a win-win situation. Established real estate practitioners go with the saying that the customer is always right.




 Here are 4 tips to guarantee customer satisfaction:

  1. Put yourself out there

Your road to attaining customer satisfaction begins even before the actual client meet-ups. At this day and age, clients can just search the web to get details about the property you are selling. Clients are the happiest when they get information by themselves instantly.

  • Have your online portfolio updated; let them have a glimpse of the kind of services you provide, deals you’ve closed, and your areas of expertise.
  • Maximize social networking sites. Create blogs and videos your prospective clients might find interesting, but remember to keep your account fun yet professional-looking.
  1. Bridge the gap

It’s always easier to prevent a complaint than resolve a problem. Managing your customer’s expectations is more crucial than actually trying to meet them. Let’s face it, no matter how great your property might be, your client might always find something that won’t work for them.

  • Let them elaborate what they really want. In return, discuss to them what they are getting.
  • Keep a healthy flow of asking and answering questions. As the conversation deepens, you will know the appropriate questions.
  • Do not overwhelm them with real estate jargons. Use simple terms for them to completely comprehend what you are saying. Walk with them through the whole process.

Through these gestures, you put yourself on the same page as your client. It builds your client’s confidence in you which extends to them trusting you even more. The best part is that you only need to be attentive and sensitive to their needs.

  1. Follow through

Your actions should speak louder than words. Without the follow-up, all your discussions and negotiations will merely be unfruitful talks.

  • Act without being asked. Give them recommendations should they have budget constraints or any other concerns.
  • Update them as much as possible. A single property could have more than one inquiry. Thus, you should honestly inform your clients about the sale progress. Do not leave them hanging.
  • Be responsive. Don’t let a text sit on your phone for more than 10 minutes. Those who actually answer promptly often get the sale.
  1. Repeat ‘til you don’t have to

Keeping a loyal customer is easier than acquiring new ones. Being consistent in your deliverables is the best trick to satisfy your client. Maintain this kind of service and referrals will come rolling in.

Achieving and maintaining excellent customer service takes time and practice. Some may seem trivial, but you’ll be surprised by how much it can affect the quality of your sales.



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