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5 Ways on How to Make a Good First Impression with Clients

Giving off a great first impression is an important task of any business because it helps gain your client’s trust which will lead to an easier time of closing sales. From the moment you approach a client, your behavior, attitude and personal presentation will influence your customer’s decision to buy.

Remember it only take three to five seconds to make a good impression, so better make sure it’s a good one.

Here are 5 tips in achieving a good first impression with clients: 

  1. Your clients are human and so are you.

By the end of your first meeting, you should have made the client trust you, enough to hire you as their broker.  A tough job but as long as you keep your focus on this goal, then half of the job is done. Don’t get right down to business immediately because if you do so, you are likely to end up with no business. Make sure you establish rapport. Take the first few minutes to get to know each other. You can start by revealing something about yourself, this way the client will see you as a genuine person. Don’t forget that even though you were recommended by a friend or a colleague, you’re still a stranger.

The more you’re less of a stranger, the better for you. To humanize you, offer something about yourself in a positive light but be sure stay on light and neutral topics, such as the weather or health and never about religion. This small talk would help you on relating with your client and help smooth out potential conflicts. Later on you can ask about where they live, gradually get more information about what their interests are in real estate.

  1. Show that you have a plan.

While you want to strike a casual approach at the beginning of the meeting, be sure to show that you are a professional. You can do this by coming prepared to the meeting bringing a list of questions that you need to pursue your client’s interest. Form an agenda and cover everything you need. Recap later and run the agenda by your client to clarify all points and ensure that both of you are on the same page. An agenda is a good way of showing you have a plan, hopefully giving your client a reason to trust you.

  1. Ask, ask and ask.

Initial meetings are like job interviews or auditions. To keep the meeting from being bogged down, and not like an inquisition, ask your clients questions. Ask questions such as: What do you like in a location? What other locations would you prefer? Is the home for investment or dwelling purposes?

  1. Do your homework.

As mentioned earlier, never go to the meeting empty handed. Come prepared knowing something or a lot about your client. Come with ideas and suggestions that are likely to be considered seriously. Come with information about sites, projects and pricing. Even though you’re going to ask your client for clarifications, the meeting shouldn’t be the first time you ask about his/her interests. The client will likely find you capable and trustworthy if you can show that you know your business.

  1. Mirror your client and pay attention to your body language.

You need to be able to understand and relay back what your client is saying. If you can do this, it means you know what they are looking for. This is not only to show your client that you are on the same page as they are, but this is a good way for you to discipline yourself to take your clients’ interest to heart. Take a few moments all throughout the meeting to repeat their words back to them.

Always feel in control and show that you’re in control. Making sure your image exudes confidence will improve the odds of making a positive first impression in those initial three to five seconds.

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